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Microsoft Operating System For Cows (?)

By dotxen ·

For those of you working with Vista Business, and this may apply to all Vista versions, you may have noticed a rather strange Event Log entry titled ?bowser?.

I would like to clarify this on behalf of Microsoft, that well know professional outfit famous for streamlined, efficient, and well tested operating systems. This entry actually refers to the ?Browser?, as if you hadn?t guessed. It usually comes about due to the browser elections that happen from time to time in any 'healthy' Microsoft environment. I won?t go into the technical details, you should all know this anyway. The point is that Vista is the future of Desktops, like it or not, and as such it is a good plan to be as familiar with it as possible. To reach that nirvana it is necessary to fully understand the obscure nomenclature that Redmond developers choose to use when crafting their operating systems. Bowser is a new one on me. In my neck of the woods, here in darkest Wiltshire (UK of course) we use bowsers to provide drinking water for ruminators.

Apparently, this bovine reference does not allude to devotees of Windows, I would like to make that crystal clear.

If by happenstance I find any other little well thought out gems in Vista, I?ll let you know.

Have a nice day.

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Don't you hate it

by Tig2 In reply to Microsoft Operating Syste ...

When a typo goes public like that?

I wonder if this one is in all Vista versions?

Is Mr. Enigma in the Vista registry also? Did they at least spell it correctly? Does it have any use in Vista whatsoever? I don't recall that it did in XP.

Typos- the Easter Eggs of the new millennium!

Nice catch!

Incidentally, over here, Bowser is a slang term for dog. I don't think I had better elaborate on that...

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Bowser sang with Sha Na Na...

by jneilson In reply to Microsoft Operating Syste ...

Perhaps he works for Microsoft now.

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I believe he is an attorney

by Tig2 In reply to Bowser sang with Sha Na N ...

Representing music artists.

Don't ask me why I know that.

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Very active in music rights

by CharlieSpencer In reply to I believe he is an attorn ...

I don't think he's an attorney, but he's very active in the field. I heard a radio interview with him a couple of weeks ago ("The Business"? "Weekend Edition"?). His area of interest is bands or groups that continue to call themselves by the same name long after all the original members have left, or multiple groups calling themselves the same name because each group has a single member of the original.

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So is Bowser going to sue me?

by davea0511 In reply to Very active in music righ ...

If i start using the username "Bowser" will Bowser try to sue me? RIAA and the copyright taliban movement thing is totally out of control. It's a small minority of super rich people milking the system instead of leading happy and productive lives. It's nothing else.

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by NickNielsen In reply to Microsoft Operating Syste ...

In my experience a bowser is a low profile trailer tank that contains fuel of some sort, i.e. a "fuel bowser."

As I understand it, Vista needs all the fuel it can get...

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Low profile trailer tanks.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Bowser?

If they have water instead of fuel, they're called "buffalo", like "Hey, Sarge, where's the water buffalo?"

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