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By claudethecrow_1 ·
I am having trouble getting rid af a niggly problem with Outlook when I set up a clients email.
The system is running Win XP Home with Service pack 2 and latest updates,
The problem for my client started 2 weeks ago, The incoming mail server, no matter how many time I change it to the same as the recieving mail sever eg when I restart my clients computer the incoming mail server has "localhost" in the incoming mail part.
Now for the things i have tried to recitify this problem,
1/ repair Microsoft Office - no such luck the localhost came back
2/ re-install Microsoft Office 2000 - no such luck the localhost came back
3/ Went thru and set up email 6 times and every time the computer was re-started the local host was back agian in the incoming mail reciever,
I spent 5 hours doing this computer and I still havent recified the problem, I rang some technical frieds but they were no help.
You are my last hope before I go off the deep end and lose a good client, please can you be of any assistance. I do not know why this problem started accurring as my client couldn't remember what they had did before it started happening,
I did an anti-virus scan and that was clean.
The only spyware program they are using is Adware se I have never heard of that changing settings at all, They use pc-illin antivirus also. Please email me at with any sugeestions(not rude ones) that may be useful.

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check the machine for 3rd party software with any kind of spam filtering capabilities. many of these like to become the "server" and outlook will just pull in the messages from the filter, and the filter is pulling the messages from the ISP.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Microsoft Outlook 2000 He ...

my guess is you have a hosts or lmhosts file hijacking things.
you could find hosts and examine it. you could search or files containing ''
you could ping same and make sure you were getting it right and maybe try ip address instead of name. sounds like can't resolve the name?
I agree with above post that maybe spyware did this but it does sounds like virus scanning did this. HiJack This downloaded from your favorite download center would be great for getting at the bottom of this. It and Adaware se are my two main tools for spyware

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