Microsoft Outlook 2007 Refuses to Remember Emai Password

By info ·
For some reason Microsoft Outlook 2007 has stopped remember the password for my primary email account - I have three accounts that it accesses. Although the password is typed into the account profile, and remember password is clicked, each time it checks the mail, it asks me to re-enter the password. Well, that is not precisely true, it will remember the password for a couple of minutes, but after about 5 minutes, forgets it. This is really annoying, what can I do?


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Me too.

by Adam In reply to Microsoft Outlook 2007 Re ...

I'm having the same problem and so is a friend of mine. Google'd for an hour and can't find anything!

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Have you tried increasing the server time out

by lpowell In reply to Me too.

I have experienced this password problem. I went into more settings of the email account and increased the server timeout

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Have similar problem...

by jmlarios In reply to Have you tried increasing ...

My problem started when the send/receive button would disappear under a profile. The fix for that was to create a new Outlook profile, which fixed the problem, but IT has the problem of not remembering the password. It runs the "test settings" fine, just keeps asking for the password. I tried deleting the \appdata\microsoft\protect folder, deleting the regedit storage key etc to no avail.. I've changed the server timeout under MORE SETTINGS. Nothing's worked. This is under OL2003, though I don't think this is a version specific problem. Your help is appreciated.

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This worked for me:

by Mimover In reply to Microsoft Outlook 2007 Re ...

Close down Outlook 2007.
Go to C:\users\(username)\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Protect.
Delete the "Protect" folder.
Restart Windows Vista.
Restart Outlook 2007.
Re-input password(s) (for all email accounts)
Hit Send/Receive button

For more details take a look at:

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