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Microsoft Paint.

By William_Overington ·
Does anyone know please whether it is possible to gain any certification in using the Microsoft Paint program.

William Overington

1 June 2002

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Your kidding, right?

by davidkennedy In reply to Microsoft Paint.

Umm... Tell me you aren't serious.

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What about WordPad Certification?

by NathanH In reply to Your kidding, right?

Micro$oft should offer this as a certification suite.

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Paint is a magnificent program.

by William_Overington In reply to Your kidding, right?

I find Paint to be a marvellous program, for three reasons.

1. It is very widely available, so if I write a web based tutorial on using Paint, then there is a potentially vast audience of people who can use it, including people who only get touse a PC in a public library with the facilities available there.

2. Paint can be very effective in making to-the-pixel accurate diagrams for use in learning material. So many people who might like to author some learning material in relation to their own particular subject speciality can use Paint to make the occasional diagram whereas they might be unable or feel unwilling to purchase a specific graphics package.

3. Paint is very effective when used with support files. For example, I have recently added some outline shapes of various polygons and stars to our family website at which allows Paint to be used to produce some quite interesting graphic art.

I am hoping to be able to earn a certificate for a portfolio of my artwork produced using the Paint program, yet have not yet found anywhere that awards such a certificate.

William Overington

11 June 2002

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Try Adobe Photo Deluxe for Business

by jklein In reply to Paint is a magnificent pr ...


I too find MS Paint useful for some simple projects. Paint is very basic, for most graphics jobs I find it useless. Try Adobe Photo Deluxe for Business. It is usually included for free with most scanning applications and can do some cool things. Micrographix also offers a low cost suite here in the US which is very robust.

If your looking to get certified you need to be looking at the high end Adobe products. Paint is not taken seriously in the industry.

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Paint can produce Bézier curves.

by William_Overington In reply to Paint is a magnificent pr ...

I have now written another document about using Paint and added it into our family webspace.

It is entitled "Using the curve tool in the Microsoft Paint program." and shows how the Paint program can be used to produce Bézier curves in a precise manner.

William Overington

13 June 2002

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Yes, I would like to set one up.

by admin In reply to Microsoft Paint.

What is a Paint cert worth in US dollar value, please? I would be want to set my program up fairly and within market needs.

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Comp-TIA Paint+

by Alpha-Male In reply to Microsoft Paint.

That's the cert you need. It's listed right there with the Comp-TIA Solitaire+ and Calculator+ Certs. For Serious Professionals, thre is the 7 test ICUBWA (I Can Use Basic Windows Apps) Cert coming soon!

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by maxwell edison In reply to Microsoft Paint.

Here are some very technical - but necessary - tutorials:

(REMOVE SPACES from the pasted URLs.)


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Documents on using the Paint program.

by William_Overington In reply to Microsoft Paint.

I have during this last week now added three new documents about using the Microsoft Paint program into the following webspace.

There is one about drawing Bézier curves, one about locating text precisely and one about using WordPad and Paint in conjunction so as to produce accented characters and Greek and Cyrillic text in Paint and 300 point text in Paint.

These are in addition to the two previous documents about Paint in the same webspace, one about using a special colour palette for producing art for broadcasting as multimedia and one providing a collection of outlines for polygons and stars.

If you happen to take a look, you might like to have a copy of our Carnation desktop for a PC and our Carnation screensaver at the same time.

William Overington

15 June 2002

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