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Microsoft: Please offer 7 support, for a fee, to INDIVIDUAL PC owners!

CONFESSION: First I am 77 years old, I don't like change. Second I am very happy with Windows 7, it works great. My current software works perfectly with 7, not sure it will with 10 (especially Windows Money which I depend on) and frankly I don't trust 10, too many bad reports. Question: What could be done to convince Microsoft to provide continued support to individual PC owners using 7? I would happily pay an annual fee and I bet there are thousands perhaps millions of people like myself. The mechanism is obviously in place since Microsoft will offer such service to commercial users. Wouldn't hurt Microsoft's bottom line to have another $5-6 hundred million with little effort to them. Regardless I plan on staying with 7 and depend on other malware and virus protection providers but would rather have Microsoft's participation. R Conn

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