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Microsoft publisher 2007 photo gallery

By dadamski ·
i am setting up a website on publisher i have added gallery pages destined to be photo gallery pages... i am just wondering how i would go about creating links to other pages within each phto heading ...

to elaborate

on the photogallery page there are pictures with headings underneath, i would like to be able to click on each picture and it take me to another page where i can display multiple pictures.... eg .. the gallery page first picture has the heading 'lake district' so when i click on it it takes me to anohter page where i have an album of lake district pictures displayed... i can then go back to the gallery page and the next picture will have the heading 'seaside' and i click on it and it takes me to seaside pictures and so on...

does anyone know how to do this some instructions would be greatly appreciated


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In Publisher, with the "Main" page displayed....

by Darryl~ Moderator In reply to Microsoft publisher 2007 ...

Make sure you have the "Web Tools" toolbar displayed...and click the image you want to become a hyperlink....or...

Right click the image & select Hyperlink...

Either select the location of the page containing "all" the images you wish to link to....or type the website location of the page in the "Address" box at the bottom of the "Insert Hyperlink" box.

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by dadamski In reply to In Publisher, with the "M ...

hi thanks for the reply and the info , the problem i have is that the pictures i want to display are not contained within another website that i could link the hyperlink to ... they are contained in the my pictures folder on my computer i was hoping that on the main gallery page i could click on one of the picture gallery headings eg.. 'summer pictures' which would then take me into a page where i couldd upload as many pictures as i need to from my 'my pictures folder'............. is this possible

may thanks

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I don't think I'm following you...

by Darryl~ Moderator In reply to hi

Are you interested in a page that will allow you to view the images in a folder called "summer pictures" or do you want to go to an ftp site that will allow you to upload images so others can view them on a webpage?

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by dadamski In reply to I don't think I'm followi ...

'do you want to go to an ftp site that will allow you to upload images so others can view them on a webpage? '

hi yes that is what i would like to do but i am not sure of where i would find/create the webpage from , i understand that when i have it i can hyperlink the gallery to it but i am not sure how i would go about doing it


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Have you had a look at Photobucket?

by TobiF In reply to hi


That's a place I know some people use when they need to place a picture on the internet.

(I don't, since I've found a cheap webhotel I'm happy with and I use to keep my photos.)

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Like Tobi said....

by Darryl~ Moderator In reply to hi

PhotoBucket is very popular...I believe the are many others.....usually when you buy a camera you get a free subscription to the manufacture's website.

I hear a lot of people talking about Flicker also.

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What are you trying to do? And how?

by TobiF In reply to hi

If your goal is to create a website for anyone to visit, then you need to upload your page code and all referred content to a place, where it can be found by a web-browser.

If you had your own site, then you'd probably get ftp access for uploading files to your website. (If you install or activate a content management system, then you'd be able to logon and then upload pictures via the administrator interface. That approach can be convenient for upload of a couple of files, but for uploading of a large amount of files, ftp will be more convenient.)

But in this case I get a feeling that you're trying to create some pages on some blogging site or similar. But in that case, it's hard to answer your question if we don't know what kind of site you're dealing with. There may be some specialized program for upload to your site. And the file structure of your site (and thus references to photos) may depend on what framework your site uses.

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