Microsoft Script Editor (MSE) failure

By WGGuthrie ·
Found MSE very useful in the past to convert text in a Word document to HTML for inclusion on a web page (eg Ebay item descriptions). At beginning of January created a document in Word, selected all text and clicked the MSE button on toolbar only to see a small window appear headed "Microsoft Script Editor" with the message "Application cannot start". Tried in Excel and got the same result.

Since last successful use of MSE my son has been "messing around" on my PC over Christmas and had downloaded the new Internet Explorer 7 package and also a Beta version, as well as removing some redundant programmes from my system.

I'm running Widows XP pro and Office XP pro.

At his suggestion have tried several remedies such as reinstalling the Office XP Pro package and also running a "repair" using the sfc /scannow utility. Neither cured the problem.

Have also tried a system restore on the XP installation but at several restore points I receive the message that the restore was "incomplete" and could not reset the system to the chosen date. I gather that this can be a common problem with the inbuilt restore facility in Windows XP.

I want to avoid if possible having to do a complete reinstall of the operating system (Have a Dell PC and they don't supply the XP pro disc, only a Service Pack 1 disc which won't do the job as I understand it)

Any suggestions out there to cure the problem?


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I don't know how this will make you feel

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Microsoft Script Editor ( ...

But I've just tried to use the same tool in Word XP on a fully Patched XP Pro machine with IE7 installed and it works perfectly.

So a patch supplied by M$ hasn't broken this function in Word nor has IE7 so it has to be something else that has been done to the system.

If Dell didn't supply you with a Recovery CD there should be a hidden Partition on the HDD where the install files are placed. If you look at your Destruction Manual it should tell you the correct Key Combination to press to get the reinstall option to work. If you no longer have your users manual you can always download a copy from Dell by entering your Model & Serial Number in the requested fields and downloading the manual from here

It might be worthwhile getting the latest drivers as well so you can update your existing drivers.

As for your son create a new user account with restricted user rights in the Control Panel under the User Accounts Heading and Password Protect your personal Account. This will prevent him from mucking up your system again and you running the risk of Possible Data Loss.

You may also like to check for Spy Ware or Mal Ware by downloading and using these programs if you don't already have them installed

Download both install them and the update them. Reboot into Safe Mode by pressing the F8 key while you see the Dell screen and when the white on black writing appears select Safe Mode not Safe Mode with Networking and run scans with both applications. CAUTION Spy Bot S & D can remove some programs that you may be using so if you see anything that you are using untick the entries before removing anything that it picks up these will likely be things like Windows Defender and most Internet Banking Programs as well as some other web installed software and then rerun the scan again just to make sure that you have actually removed what you wanted to remove and that there where no other nasties hiding under what you have already picked up.

Please Note SAFE MODE is only for running OS Scans and other Operations to fix the Operating System it is not safe to connect to the Internet or a Network and expect the computer to remain uninfected because you do not have a full set of drivers or programs installed and running.


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