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Microsoft Security Essentials, Malwarebytes no good for removing malware

By cjame0966 ·
I had both of these programs installed, but they DID NOT prevent 7,978 malware-infected programs from being installed on my computer by person(s) unknown!
There is NOTHING that would make me use either of those programs again! I installed Advanced System Care (paid for it, too), and have had a malware-free computer ever since.
You do your readers a massive disservice by saying that these programs are effective, when they are most definitely NOT!
Carol James
Vancouver, WA

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The free version of Malware Bytes

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Microsoft Security Essent ...

Has no real time scanning you need to run the scans manually and ideally in Safe Mode which applies to any software used to clean infections.

As for as 7,978 malware-infected programs happening I would seriously take a look at the people who use the computer. There is no product that will protect any Operating System from Poor Practices visiting Porn and Gambling Sites and even worse the user clicking on Install Popup when they appear.

If you visit Porn Sites or Gambling Sites or download through Torrents you are exposing your system to potential infections which can not be prevented. You will have heard the Public Health Warnings of Practicing Safe Sex but the exact same applies to any computer though particularly Windows Systems you have to Practice Safe Browsing to minimize infections.

The other thing you need to understand is clicking on Accept Popup's when looking at your e-mail will also result in a mass of infections that no security program has a hope of stopping as you the user is allowing them to be installed. The same applies to allowing extra Tool Bard to be installed and so on and on and on.


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Malwarebytes no good for removing malware

by Bill_M. In reply to Microsoft Security Essent ...

Seriously, if you wear a 10mm metal vest, do you think it will prevent you from getting injured if you purposely jump off a 3 storey building? People who think installing a good AV and antispyware will forever protect them from malware are ignorant. It takes a careless person to get infected too, even if he has the right protection. Besides, you didn't say if you were using the Pro version of MBAM which has that real-time scanning and blocking of malicious programs and sites. And even so, there's no such thing as 100% effective. New malware are created every minute and it takes some time for antimalware to develop a cure.

I've been using MBAM (pro of course) in conjunction with Avast free version for more than 3 years now and never got infected. That is also due to the fact that I don't fool around with malicious sites and programs on my main computer. If I ever have to try those things, I do it on a virtual machine so my main computer isn't harmed.

Lastly, getting infected by 7,978 malware is absolute stupidity, carelessness and ignorance. Don't blame it on your security. It was you who allowed it by trying shady programs and going to malicious sites. Don't you use Firefox and at least NoScript and Web of Trust add-ons to guide you?

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