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Microsoft Stealth Updates - shades of things to come?

By SentryWatch ·
There is a real issue for CIOs coming down the pipeline which is a lot more serious than just the Microsoft Stealth Updates as Microsoft plan to release source code very shortly (Oct 07) to ISVs to enable them to "follow suit" on activation etc and there are some very dangerous opportunities that could arise when this is widened to any kind of software installed/sold/licensed.

Have a look at the feature at that outlines the real risks that are coming as a result of Microsoft's approach to piracy solutions.

This could border on issues of potential subversive activity should a malicious software vendor attempt to use the turn on/turn off features outlined here.

To add some clarity to the perspective look also at

"..........silently activated itself and downloaded ?malware? that was intrusive, disruptive, and made it difficult for consumers to use their computers. The software changed consumers? home pages, tracked their Internet activity, altered browser settings, degraded computer performance, and disabled anti-spyware and anti-virus software."

"The order will permanently bar the defendants from distributing software that interferes with consumers? computers, including software that tracks consumers? Internet activity or collects other personal information; generates disruptive pop-up advertising; tampers with or disables other installed programs; or installs other advertising software onto consumers? computers. The defendants will also be required to fully disclose the name and function of all software they install on consumers? computers in the future, and to provide consumers with the option to cancel the installation after viewing the disclosure. "

Sound familiar? see

There is not a lot of difference in what Microsoft are offering vs what Media Monitor has done. Once the source code is out there there is no control over the independent software vendors!

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