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    Microsoft stooge


    by cforeman1 ·

    I’m so tired of these so-called ‘independents’ making claims against Oracle or open-source software when they’re actually just Microsoft stooges. This seems to be the new Microsoft tactic. Bad mouth others via stooges.

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      by ed woychowsky ·

      In reply to Microsoft stooge

      Not everybody likes the same things. To some people Microsoft can do no good at all, but this isn’t true. Take for example the XMLHTTP Request Object, originally it was a Microsoft idea. Microsoft, however, never realized what they had, so it to others to fully utilize it.

      Perosnally I think that Microsoft’s best days are in the past and they are in decline. But, like the Roman Empire they’ll be a long time in passing and they’ll be a formitable opponent for quite a while longer.

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      Opinions are like…

      by absolutely ·

      In reply to Microsoft stooge

      Everybody has them, and they all smell bad to everybody else.

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