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Microsoft Surface Tablet

By deanjohnson03 ·
So, Microsoft have announced Microsoft Surface, The iPad has been a runaway success for Apple and Android is doing well.

What do you think the outcome will be for Microsoft? I personally like each of the platforms available in their own way. They all seem to bring different things to the tablet table.

Microsoft Surface running Windows 8 looks to be quite something indeed. There is a lot of conversation going on about its upgrade path but I really believe it is not an upgrade from Windows 7. Windows 8 is for tablets, the metro interface makes this blindingly clear. It can be used in a enterprise environment but it will be used alongside PC's. I can see definate advantages for Managers and IT pro's who need to keep an eye on servers or data. This could be made into an app for metro which will show you the CPU usage on all of your servers for example. Microsoft have a massive advantage here as they have their whole host of enterprise products. (SQL, Visual Studio, SharePoint etc)

It can also be used at home for games, social media and videos. This is a bold move for Microsoft but I feel they have been forced into this by Apple and Google. Technology is evolving and more and more people are switching to tablet and cloud based computing. The only company that did not have anything to do with this market until recently was Microsoft, and this has put them far behind in the home market. Microsoft are very strong in the enterprise but where I work there are at least 6 iPads which are being used by managers to get their emails, notes and contacts on the move. They can also VPN and remote desktop and if your company uses Citrix or VDI then you can have a desktop on your iPad.

All very good stuff but Microsoft has nothing to compete with it until now. So I hope Windows 8 works for them! Microsoft Surface is the first tablet I personally look at and think, "Actually. I like that alot". The iPad is getting old in my eyes and updates are only small changes to their hardware and software. (Screen, Memory, Camera, Siri, iCloud etc) It does not really capture my attention anymore.

What are your thoughts?

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From what's available, I think the top end MS Surface will have a place in

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Microsoft Surface Tablet

business where a tablet can be useful - eg logistics movement recording and tech field manuals. But it's a limited usage, and I can see how it can be useful for in transit entertainment, but not much good for the hard core gamers or general computing by general users.

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