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By james ·
Fed up with all the bugs and not prepared to pay for support of my Vista 32 Bit Ultimate DSP OS, I decided to got for the throat of the support team at Microsoft. After attacking them for over a week via e-mail, asking to be able to download the SP1 Beta release for Vista, questions about being defrauded when I purchased my copy of Ultimate, they actually blocked my e-mail because their were too chicken **** to continue responding. Let's start with the latter. Ultimate was advertised to be followed by numerous add-ons which have never materialised. Surely this is false advertising and they should be taken to task? The endless bugs that I know are being reported to MS, yet no relief when I download the multitude of patches, most security, for Vista. ****, if it is not my OS freezing during a session, of the BSOD's (how do I change the colour, I really need a change), then it is the problems with cut and paste. When trying to cut and paste a folder from one location to the other, I am left with a husk of the orignal folder. I thought that this was an isolated case, but a friend of mine is suffering the same bug! I am of the opinion that MS does not have its customer interests at heart, they all they want is to milk us for every penny they can. We will continue to suffer from the endless bugs and security issues! MS is really pathetic!

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and this is news.. why?

by Jaqui In reply to MICROSOFT, THEY REALLY DO ...

it's nothing new at all.

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In other news... sun to rise tomorrow.

by Locrian_Lyric In reply to MICROSOFT, THEY REALLY DO ...

and other top stories.

Water is wet.
Snow is cold
Fire is hot.

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by alan.harding2 In reply to In other news... sun to r ...

that's an illusion

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This was...

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to MICROSOFT, THEY REALLY DO ...

your first clue?

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by james In reply to This was...

The simple reason why I am writing about the lack of Customer Service at MS. I want to kick them in the balls and see the sweat glistening on their putrid faces. The more that I can kick them in the balls, the better I feel. For over 8 months I have been bitching and moaning about Vista, yet they just don't care! It is the time of the USER, a time to hit back and say, we will not take this anymore! Either old Bill Gates listens to his customers, the ones that built his company by paying a huge amount of our hard earned money for his buggy products, or it is time for him to step down, go on pension and give the job to someone that has a feel for the business and CARES!!!!! He has become too rich and out of touch with his customers. This is so typical of once great men with visions of creating something wonderful! He was once a great man in my eyes, a man with vision that created a interface that allowed us to do wonderful things. But now, he has lost touch! Poor old Bill, a man without a reason to continue at MS!!!

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Give Linux a run...

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to THE USER STRIKES BACK

I have been using Fedora Core 6 (older HP laptop), Ubuntu 7.10 (2 year old home build desktop), and of late Linux Mint 2.2 (replaced Fedora). Each of them was an easy breezy install, found all my hardware and peripherals, comes bundled with what I need to keep my productivitly level up, and best of all ensures that Uncle Billy doesn't get any more of my hard-earned dollars. In particular, Ubuntu and Mint require little command line interface, offer 'restricted drivers and codecs' and are clean and easy on the eyes.
Bite me Uncle Billy!

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by james In reply to Give Linux a run...

You are so right. Old Bill is just too rich to care about his customers. The more customers he looses to Linux the better. Perhaps he will catch a wakeup and realise that he lost touch with the world.

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um, james@...,

by Jaqui In reply to THE USER STRIKES BACK

Bill Gates has not been running Microsoft for several years, Steve Ballmer has.
Bill Gates is semi retired now, he recently stepped into a part time position heading their security division, to try to get MS software security improved.

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by james In reply to um, james@...,

Sorry about not knowing that old Bill no longer runs the show, but I am pretty sure that he still has a lot to say about how things work at MS. He does after all have a lot of shares still!

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I just learned something new!

by w2ktechman In reply to MICROSOFT, THEY REALLY DO ...

Some people still dont understand why soooo many of us complain about MS until they get screwed in some way...


Hey, next time read what the Tech's reviews are before purchasing. Almost everyone here said Vista sucked Before it was even released.

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