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    Microsoft Update


    by joezep1 ·

    Please Help!! Updates are ready for your computer Loop….Updates continue to try to run (75 or so) but they contiually come back with failed failed failed…not sure what to do. Then it says I do not have permission to do a windows update. This is very confusing to say the least..Frustrated to the max!!! i would like to get this PC done!!
    Thanks for your time! Have a great day

    Joe D.

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      by joezep1 ·

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      error number?

      by churdoo ·

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      What’s the error number? Is this workstation part of a domain?

      Check the values of applicable Group Policy Objects for Computer Configuration / Windows Settings / Security Settings / Local Policies / User Rights Assignment / “Managing Auditing and Security Log” and “Backup Files and Directories”

      Make sure that the user that you’re running WindowsUpdate as, has rights per those two settings.

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      Alternate Effective Solution

      by pavan.gayakwad ·

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      Even I too faced the same problem, I used below alternate solution to get my work done.

      For bulk windows patch/update downloads, use this utility:

      To integrate downloaded windows patch/update with windows installation
      files, download nLite:

      Hope this helps.

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