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    Microsoft Update CD


    by thechas ·

    Friends, Microsoft is sending out free security update CDs.

    The availability depends on the country you are in.

    Here is the link:

    As always, remove any spaces from the pasted link.

    The CD is a compilation of the current updates for Windows XP, 2000, Me, and 98


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      Thanks to TheChaz

      by wino460 ·

      In reply to Microsoft Update CD

      Thanks alot for the info on the MS Security CD-Rom. Now if I could get the SP1 update on CD-Rom My life will be a lot better. I have posted several time with errors and problems with my MS WinXP Pro to know avail. Everyone had opinions none worked! The recovery console leaves alot to be desired, and the automated recovery??? I have never seen a floppy for an automated recovery. (Do I have to make my own??) YES I have a fully licensed version however it is a student version and has no handbook or MS support. (Have to Pay them.) I ended up using a something I read somewhere about renaming C:\WINDOWS to C:\WINDOWS1 and then del C:\WINDOWS1 (only deleted files, no folders in that directory) then let it boot and install a fresh one it now post to WinXP Pro\Fastdetect or Windows1. I did have to reload everything again, but that was okay as some of the programs I had to run in compatability mode Win2K. I quess I will never really know why I lost my optical drives, nearest I can tell is when I uninstalled the Creative SB Live or the Adaptec EZ-CD Creator4.0 (Running Win2K comp. mode) must of hosed up Win2K it appeared to think they were SCSI Devices. It even starts and shuts down without hanging up or continuosly looping in reboot. (happend after an update.) I did finally get the DVD-RW work to back-up 4.3 gig’s of documents and photo’s by moving the C:\WINDOWS1 documents to the new windows directory. I can not wait to build my new MSI K7N2 Delta-ILSR w/Athlon 2500+ XP and dual DDR SDRam. I thought for a minute I was going to have to dust off my K6-200 running 98SE and Office2000 in order to get things done, but it would be kind of hard for me to try to transfere/back-up the 4.3 gig’s of data as it only has a 1.5 gig HDD 🙂 it ran overclocked @ 233 foralmost 10 years till I built this T-Bird 1200 running pc133 SDram. When I first installed the WinXP in the fall of 2001 all of the restore point were still the until around 9/03 when I did a restore due to an abrupt power loss, after which there were only 9/03 till current date then it was dropping of a month every 3 months until I did the reinstallation. now tha I have my precious info out I am going to do a format of the HDD and a complete fresh installation as it has a MBR from the Promise raid cad that would not work under WinXP. Wino460

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      by ttmillard ·

      In reply to Microsoft Update CD

      Thanks for the heads up. Much appreciated.

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      MS Free CD Update – Brazil is outside of the route.

      by jorge ·

      In reply to Microsoft Update CD

      Thanks TheChas,

      Unfortunatelly Brazil is out of the Free CD Route.
      I would be glad to get one, but this is not possible.


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      A Million Thanks to TheChas

      by dmp@adp ·

      In reply to Microsoft Update CD

      Don’t know how you found that URL but I, for one, am forever in your debt.
      I thought about that CD the other day. I’s rec’d the first–and think only other one offered over a year ago so I went to MS’ home page and started searching. …and searching and searching… Never did find it.
      May the computer gods bless you and your PC!

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