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Microsoft Updates and Patches

By deerek11 ·
Hello All, I just started with a new company as a administrator the netowrk here is alot smaller then any network I have worked on in the past but what bothers me is that IT Dept here does not take any of the Microsoft Updates serious or patches. The network has about 80 nodes with systems from win 98 to win xp and 10 Severs running Win 2003 also eash system is running anti virus independenley after evalurating the network my first day I bought this to my IT manager attention he said it was no big deal we are behind a cisco firewall pix I understand that but without the proper patches and updates and some way to monitor anti-virus you still leave your self open he reply never had a problem in the past. Should I push this issue or should I just do what is asign to me and not rock the boat. If any one has any information on this I would gladly appeacite it or comments

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It depends...

by Artemis360 In reply to Microsoft Updates and Pat ...

Is your IT Manager a total ****? If you think that he is not up to the par then yes, I would push the issue and show upper/higher management/executives that he is a moron. But, if he is a knowledgeable IT guy who's been around the block a while then just let things be and conform to his routine. I do not suggest this if you plan to move forwrd in the IT industry as this would be a handicap to you and stunt your growth in the field. Is this a place where you want to retire? Or is this just a temporary job until something better comes along?

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by vltiii In reply to It depends...

Why should the character of his manager have any bearing on the decision to press the issue or not??? His responsibility is to ensure the network is secure, efficient, and contributes to productivity. That is the perspective he should be approaching this from. The fact that the network hasn't had any problems in the past doesn't mean that it won't happen in the future. From a purely pro-active approach he should draft a cohesive written plan on how the updates will be accomplished and what the organization stands to gain by applying the updates. If his manager still insist that they don't need to be accomplished then he will have documented proof of his efforts should an incident occur that could have been prevented.

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Do your homework on WUS

by Lost_one In reply to Microsoft Updates and Pat ...

Do some home work on WUS (Windows Update Service) and explain to him that once it is set up all you have to do is approve the updates and push them out to the clients and servers. Once set up it is more or less hands free. This way you don't have to "waste" time updating every computer, you let your server and the users do it. You will have to do some minor education of the users, but it will be worth it in the long run.

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by deerek11 In reply to Do your homework on WUS

I know how to set WUS up but the problem is he doesn't see the importance of the updates. Can you point me in the direction of some artilces or white pages to prove why we need to do these updates. His big thing is that we are behind a firewall so we are protected and this is a small network running small apps and that I come from a larger network where that stuff was a issue but not here.

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re: patches

by afram In reply to WUS

How about or for articles about importance of patches?

Even a single computer on a home network with a firewall needs to be patched and updated. Just because you have a firewall doesn't mean the network is invulernable. How about internal threats? How about spyware from browsig? How about new viruses that come out that don't have a signature yet?

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by vltiii In reply to WUS

All of MS' updates come with explanations of what they are fixing. If he truly believes that being behind a firewall is sufficient then it sounds as if he needs to be educated. You may want to start there.

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How about this angle?

by Newu In reply to WUS

Do some research on security compromises and I'm pretty sure you will find that most of them and usually the most serious ones come from inside an organization. In this instance his precious PIX isn't going to do you a lot of good.

I'm always in favor of a good firewall and I bow before Cisco and the ever pervasive PIX but having a firewall has become an excuse for not hardening an internal network and taking care of business.

From the little information I can gather from your boss he either doesn't know what he is talking about, is just lazy or, worse of all, thinks he knows what he is talking about and has no clue.

If you can show that the soft, gooey internal network is vulnerable that gives you a leg to stand on. You shouldn't have to do this but I had to fight similar battles before.

Take the information you gathered and present it to your boss and even his boss if you can. If you still get shot down then you have documented proof that you recognized that this could/would be a problem prior to the incident. Always remember the first rule network admins-Cover Your Butt.

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Go over his head!

by mfisher In reply to WUS


I would go over his head! it's obviously gone over his! You sound like you have a sense of duty about you. I would not approach him again on the matter.
Compile a report listing everthing that has not been maintained and submit the report to smenone who will investigate the matter further, suggest in the report to get an independant audit carried out, the audit will only confirm what you have already noted in your report. Check everthing form firmware updates to backup procedures and performance. Dont forget to include MS-Office in the report chances are the software has not got all the necessary updates.
If a log is kept check it for complaints from users, if theres no log then suggest having in your report, cover everthing from the security of AD to data security, user and group permissions.
As for the cisco firewall chances are that this has not been updated, this guy is getting paid to do nothing, part of his job is to be proactive. The situation that you are in could benefit you, the company and it's staff.

This is not whistle blowing this is about keeping everyone concerned in a job that should run as smoothly as possible.

Best of luck

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Barracuda Spam and spyware firewall

by deerek11 In reply to Microsoft Updates and Pat ...

We also have a barracuda spam and spyware firewall I never work in a envoiroment with one of these is this giving us the protection that making my manager feel that we dont need to stay up to date on updates and patches also we dont have a corp anti virus solution we rely on each user to do updates. I ask about the anti virus and his responce was we have both firewalls to protect us so we dont need to focus that much attention to that. I have worked around two different networks before here and never did we do things like this here should I roll with the flow or keep doing my home work and bring all of this stuff to his attention

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Is Your IT Manager Smoking Crack?

by addicted2sp33d In reply to Microsoft Updates and Pat ...

Windows Updates and Patches are important... some more than others, but to completely discredit all of the because of a PIX... Well... It sounds a bit naive on his part to believe that a PIX firewall is going to protect the network from Network Events.

Try this: tell him that some of the updates/Patches that come out, are fixes to bugs in the operating system that have nothing to do with going outside the network. See if he buys it. Hahaha.

In my mind, what he is saying is similar in principle to not running firmware updates because the machine is behind a firewall.

Thanks for the chuckle this morning! Good Luck!

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