Microsoft Virtual PC 2007

By djconners001 ·
Hi All,

I am struggling to find a simple answer to my question.

Do you have to purchase an individual license for each virtual PC you have created?

i.e. if i have WIN XP Pro installed on the physical unit and i set up two WIN Xp Prop virtual PC's on that PC, do they need to be licensed?

Could someone tell me where i can find the information on this.

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If they are the same version of XP

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Microsoft Virtual PC 2007

They shouldn't need to be additional Licenses purchased to use on the Original Hardware.

However as this one is M$'s call you really should ask M$ as different offices of M$ in different Countries have different Local Laws that they have to comply with. So it's best to ask directly as they know the Local Law where you are.


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Not if you are testing!!

by ctim In reply to Microsoft Virtual PC 2007


As far as I am aware you can use XP licences on 2 machines (say PC and laptop) or for evaluation purposes. So unless you are running these virtual PCs together for longer than 30 days you should be OK.

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If these are production

by bens In reply to Microsoft Virtual PC 2007

Then 'technically' you need a license for each OS. You could run into trouble activating. Remember a virtual PC is the equivalent to loading on the actual hardware. MS doesn't care if it is virtual or not, you are still using the license regardless. The only exceptions to what you are doing, would be with a volume license agreement with MS.

This might explain a little better. It is a breakdown of the EULA.

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