Microsoft Virtual Server for Inexpensive Testing Environment?

By Dennis Miller ·
I have a need to develop/put together a cheap testing environment for new software that is being implemented by the small company I work for.
The situation I walked into is this:

1 server hosts the SQL Server 2000 database and the application, as well as other ancillary apps on that one server. The application is already in quasi-production. We are not fully utilizing the software right now...poor project planning and implementation (that's why I was brought in: to get us on the right track).

Anyway, I would like to know if a product like VMWare or MS Virtual Server would be a viable option for setting up a testing environment. At some point, there will be upgrades to the software, and I don't want to push directly to Production. Our company also needs a testing environment as we learn the software (even though we are already in "production". <sigh>.

I have never worked with Virtual Servers, but I think I get the concept.

Does anyone have any suggestions?


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This is a great approach

by The Ref In reply to Microsoft Virtual Server ...

I have used VM Ware / Virtual PC for years for testing. The biggest benefit (other than running multiple OS's on the one machine) is that you can revert to a "clean" machine in seconds.

E.G. From a clean install (After a snapshot) Install your software, test it, then revert to the snapshot and you have a clean machine again. You can also have multiple test environments on the same physical host.
As another note - automatic tests are best but that is the subject for another day.

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