Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library Error

By ohm.paul ·
I currently have a camera software set up on a desktop that records footage in small increments throughout the day. I have the software set up to run automatically via a service and the service is running with the administrator account's credentials (via the 'Log On' tab in the service's properties).

There are users who use this machine that use a restricted account, and I have given the 'Users' group access to the folders where the videos are, and I gave them Read & Execute permissions for these folders (via the Security tab).

The problem is, when these users attempt to go to the folders where the video files are located (the videos are in .mpg format) it gives me this error:

Runtime Error!
abnormal program termination

I then click OK in this box and explorer restarts, making it virtually impossible to look at the videos.

The catch is that when I use the administrator account and browse to that folder, I am able to browse and view the videos fine, so it leads me to believe that this is a permissions issue.

Is there any way that I can explicitly permit the restricted account to view the files, or fix whatever is preventing them from being viewed by the restricted user?

The system is WinXP Pro.

Any help would be appreciated.

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