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Microsoft VM not present

By puterguy122 ·
ok heres my question, Im working on a machine that was having problems with certain java applications,I found out that the microsoft vm under tools in IE is missing.also there was no IE in add or remove programs so i just did a search and deleted everything i found for IE.
I then installed a new copy of internet explorer 6.0 only to find out that there still is no microsoft vm present. this is on windows xp what could be causing this and how do i remedy it?

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Microsoft VM not present

bottom line: try netscape. rdl
MS dropped java from VM due to Sun lawsuit. see below. you used to be able to download it from MS, now you can't apparently. why don't you try downloading java from sun website?
see if this clears things up.. from, searched mskb for 'java', following is clipped from Q813926:
This article describes the differences between Windows XP Service Pack 1 (SP1) and Service Pack 1a (SP1a). Windows XP updates are distributed in service packs.<snip> On September 9, 2002, Microsoft released Windows XP SP1. On February 3, 2003, Microsoft released SP1 again as SP1a.
If you are not running Windows XP SP1, install SP1a to make sure that you have the latest security and reliability updates for Windows XP. <snip>
To determine if you are running Windows XP SP1, right-click My Computer, and then click Properties. If "Service Pack 1" appears under System, you are already running Windows XP SP1. There is no benefit to installing SP1a if you are already running Windows XP SP1. Microsoft does not recommend that you install SP1a if you are already running SP1.

Windows XP SP1a is the same as Windows XP SP1 except that the Microsoft virtual machine (VM) is removed in SP1a.
Technical Changes
Windows XP SP1a does not include or install the Microsoft VM, which provides support for running Java programs.

Note If you are running Windows XP or Windows XP SP1 with the Microsoft VM, you can continue to update the Microsoft VM by using Windows Update. If you are running Windows XP without the Microsoft VM, you do not have to install updates to the Microsoft VM. Therefore, these updates are not offered to you when you visit Windows Update. Microsoft is no longer able to provide a download of the Microsoft VM for computers that do not already have the Microsoft VM installed. For more information, visit the following Microsoft Web site:

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by puterguy122 In reply to

Thank You I didnt know this! you solved my issue, the computer im working on came with SP1a on its restore disk now I know why its not showing up will try your tips thanks a bunch

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by TheChas In reply to Microsoft VM not present

Microsoft VM (JAVA) is a separate download for XP systems.

Microsoft is trying to put an end to Java and desires for all applications to switch over to use .net

I don't remember the date, but at some point, Microsoft will no longer be able to distribute JAVA.

You may want to make the switch now to use Sun Microsystem's version of JAVA.


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by puterguy122 In reply to

helped a bunch thanks and thatnks for the url.

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by puterguy122 In reply to Microsoft VM not present

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