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Microsoft Vs Novell

By ASteed ·
We are currently using Novell 4.11 and 5.0, BoaderManager and GroupWise 5.

Should we go with Netware 6.5 and Groupwise 6.5


Microsoft 2000/2003?

What hidden costs/problems might we get from either?

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Stability & Security

by Oz_Media In reply to Microsoft Vs Novell

If you are used to Netware and GroupWise, I dare you to install MS anything. You have never even seen hard work until you try to support the most targeted, exploited and patched software available.

You'd be better off getting the whole office touse ICQ and Hotmail.

I am an MCNE who wouldn't ditch Novell for anything. GroupWise is stable, RARELY targeted for attacks (you've probably seen how easy it is to get rid of a virus in GW as opposed to the M$ headaches you read all day when a new virus hits).

Novell builds server OS's, that's it. They focuse their entire business model on server performance and security. groupWise is designed to work seamlessly with Netware and offers better encryption levels at the MTA.

this question was posed to me a couple of years ago when I suggested the company upgraded from Netware 4.11 to 5.1. It didn't take much convincing once the principals had read the MS horror stories and realized how much time I needed to invest to keep Microsnot operative.

Do yourself a HUGE favour, don't even consider a M$ product, unless it's Links 2003 (they did a good job on that one), Motocross Madness was pretty good too. Let's see, what else have they done successfully, Win 3.11 NOPE, Win95 NOPE, Win98SE a bit better but NOPE,WinME NOPE, WinXP Definite NOPE (I skipped 2K Pro because it is OK now).
Win2K server? NOPE.
Hmmmmmmmmm, what has Microsoft built that works???
hang on, I'll think of something, NOPE! I was gonna say the wirelessIntellimouse but that's as buggy as a campsite in August.

M$ or Novell? Uh, gee, Novell works, Novell is RARELY exploited, RARELY patched, EVEN MORE RARELY abends. M$=time, money, resources, staff, hours of OT, patches on top of patches, main target of attacks.

I'd vote Novell. Stay with the real players in the industry not the gamers.

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