Microsoft Windows 7 Repairs in Laptop

By guruitech ·
Dear Sir/Madam,
My system configuration is Microsoft Windows 7 Professional.

All programs in the start menu has been applied the one program extension to all another programs in the start menu. which means that the notepad extension has applied to the ms office,word pad and another programs in the start menu. This problem only on the start menu,this problem hasn't into the hard disk,removable disk and my documents,libraries in the system.The libraries,my documents folder in the windows 7 and removable media has the ms word,word pad, notepad documents.but which has it's own extension separately.
but, the start menu contained programs has been applied the same extension(properties),even, i opened a admistrative tools from control panel. which has applied the start menu contained programs extension. thereby,my system was fully scanned with the help of antivirus,the scan report showed the viruses in my system. I cleared the viruses from my system with the avast antivirus. but, the problem is not cleared.
What can i do for that repair?

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you've asked the same question

by PurpleSkys In reply to Microsoft Windows 7 Repai ...

three times now...please be patient, someone will answer your question if they have an answer for you

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If I am understanding you correctly

by Sue T In reply to Microsoft Windows 7 Repai ...

only the items in your start menu have this problem. If you go to the program itself and open it it opens correctly. If that is the case there are several ways to fix this. Easiest being remove those programs from your start menu, go to the program itself, right click on it and choose pin to start menu.

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