Microsoft Windows 7 Upgrade

By rose.russell ·
I am experiencing problems with my Windows 7 upgrade. My system freezes especially from the Sleep mode and it takes about 15 minutes to actually get to my desktop. Has anyone else had that problem? If so, how was it corrected. The Microsoft techs seem to be in another zone when it comes to getting the system up and running. By the way,the upgrade was from Windows Vista Home Premium to Windows 7 Home Premium.

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Request for Clarification

by PurpleSkys In reply to Clarifications

what are the computer specs? it's possible that your older pc may not be compatible...Win7 likes at least 4gig ram

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Could be ...

by Rob Kuhn In reply to Microsoft Windows 7 Upgra ...

It could also be a service or a background app is hung/timing out. Check the event viewer to see if there are any errors.

Is the problem coming out from "Sleep" mode or "Hibernation" ?

Have you checked to see if you have any MalWare? MalWare Bytes is a good free check/removal app that works rather well.

Another simple thing to try is to create another account and see if the problem follows. If it does then we can start to look at the machine, OS, services, etc. If it doesn't follow then it's something in your local profile.

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