Microsoft Windows Network Not Working, Workstations can't view network

By JEG1985 ·
This problem I'm having just happened yesterday morning and I have been working on it for a while now with no avail. I don't know what caused this but our network is not functioning properly. All the computers on the network including all the servers cannot view Microsoft Windows Network. We get the error that our network is not accessible. Workstations now cannot ping or remote desktop to other workstations. This also hinders our remote assistance that we constantly use to help our employees at other sites. However pinging and remote desktop to Servers works just fine.

Is there anyway I can go about getting the network to be viewable again on all the servers/workstation on the domain?

Recently WINS was installed on our DC server and then the next day is when all of these problems started to happen. Could WINS be the cause of all this?

Servers are running Windows Server 2003 SP2.
Workstation/Laptops are running Windows XP SP3


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Yes!!! Maybe!!!

by Mehul Bhai In reply to Microsoft Windows Network ...

Yes maybe WINS installation was a problem. Uninstall and see.

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WINS is uninstalled

by JEG1985 In reply to Yes!!! Maybe!!!

I already have uninstalled WINS. I also have unchecked the options that are associated with it in the DHCP.

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Some more info

by JEG1985 In reply to Microsoft Windows Network ...

I tried some more things out and nothing worked. I did notice though while the workstation can ping all the correct servers and connect with them, the server cannot ping the workstations. The servers cannot ping by either IP or computer name to the workstation, while the workstations can ping the server by both.

When a workstation tries to ping another workstation, neither IP or computer name work but when you ping by name it does recognize the computers IP.

I was thinking this might be a DNS issue but now I'm not so sure.

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To clarify: about the LAN

by robo_dev In reply to Some more info

Are the workstations and servers on the same subnet?

Are there any firewalls in between, either hardware-based or software-based?

Are the two test PCs on the same subnet?

If you cannot ping another workstation by IP address, and they are both connected to the same ethernet switch, then there are only a couple of possibilities.

Assuming that each PC has a valid IP address, I would suspect either:

- a failing Ethernet switch

- a LAN condition like a loop that is paralyzing the switches. If someone plugs an small four port ethernet switch into TWO ports on the closet switch, it can create havoc in many cases.

- a malware or virus issue that's flooding the network with ARPs

Sometimes things can really throw you off, like if someone plugs in a router with a DHCP server on the network.

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Figured it out

by JEG1985 In reply to Microsoft Windows Network ...

This might sound trivial but it came down to the anti-virus software we have running. We use Kaspersky.

The settings for our Anti-Virus software had not been touched what so ever, I did browse through the settings but everything seemed correct.

It might sound weird but I really think WINS did something that Kaspersky didn't like and in return started blocking things it shouldn't have.

Thank you to all who applied.

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