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Hi there,

I am a new user of Windows Vista Home Basic - purchased a new computer in January 08 - on my previous computer I had XP - Windows Office and loved it - also had dial up - slow but as I am a senior citizen, that didn't matter! Now I have Broadband ADSL and Vista - coping quite well with the Broadband, but really not coming to terms with Vista - I have had so many 'crashes' - Microsoft updates fail 98% of the time - get a message 'try again' do so, but to no avail. Tried to use Microsoft Live email is a nightmare - the whole system seizes up when I try to send emails. At present I am accessing all my emails through Bigpond (Australia) - its OK but very limiting.
Please is there anybody out there who can help a helpless 'newie' to come to terms on how, what and when with Vista - please no technological jargon - 'simply ABC or 'press xyz'. I really am getting to a stage where I want to 'toss' the computer out of the window.
Look forward to hearing from someone soon

South Australia

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First things first....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Microsoft Windows Vista H ...

Before we could begin to help you, we would need specifics of one crash or problem, and then the next, and then the next, etc....

So, the next time ONE thing happens, write down what you were doing at the time as well as what was running AND the contents of ANY message that you're getting on the crash. Post back in reply to this message.

We'll have to deal with things one at a time and keep plugging along until we get your system updated and running smooth.


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We also really need the specifics of your computer here as well

by OH Smeg In reply to Microsoft Windows Vista H ...

It may be that it isn't correctly optimized hardware and this is causing problems. As this is still Under Guarantee ideally you should be talking to the System Maker as they are the one who is required to support the supplied Windows Product.

If it is from a system Maker like HP, Dell or so on they have a service section who is supposed to support their products but in reality this service leaves a lot to be desired here in AU as we tend to get overseas Call Centers with limited English support.

However as these places have a lot of pull with the makers they feedback into the system and if they get enough complaints it will cause the System Maker to look at their products or at least what they load on them.

If it is a White Box from a small System Maker which is fairly common here in AU you have a better chance of them offering better support and if you have enough problems they may be willing to load XP onto this system to help you out.

Please post back with specific problems as it's impossible to give general fixes to specific Problems. Vista is different to XP and has quite a few changes which are supposedly better and more secure than XP was but the reality is that it's still Beta Software that is in the process of maturing and it may or may not be a useful product in time just like XP has been accepted as a Standard over 98 or NT but when this was a new product till at the very least before SP1 became available it was in the same boat as Vista is now.

But if you are unable to use Windows Mail you should be onto the system Makers for a fix to this issue. If you have Office installed and not the Trial Version of 2007 that came preloaded you can use Outlook to collect your E-Mail but without knowing what you have got there it's impossible to suggest any more.


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