Microsoft Wireless Desktop doesn't work with Abit Fatal1ty F-190

By dias.leo ·
I've just setup a HTPC, based on a Fatal1ty F190 motherBoard. This is the config:
Windows Vista Home Premium,
Intel Core 2 Duo 4500
2Gb RAM DDR2 800 OCZ
Connected to my LCD thru HDMI
HD 250Gb, HD 2 1Tb, 1 DVD Combo
Zalman 360W Power Supply.

Well, everything was working fine till I bought a Microsoft Wireless Desktop Optical 1000, with wireless keyb/mouse. My PC simply does not recognize the USB dongle that wirelessly connects to the keyboard and mouse.

It did not apear on my devices, it did not install any drivers, It did not nothing.

I've tryed everything I could imagine:
- disconnect all USB devices
- connect the dongle on all my 6 external USB ports
- unnisntalled all USB devices from device manager
- swaped the connectors of USB ports
- suspecting of low power supply I've diconnected the LCD display of the case, the DVD player and my second HD, nothing again...
- changed every setup on BIOS that mentioned USB device, PNP, IRC
- updated BIOS and all driver and firmware updates from ABIT site

Then, suddenly, after messing around a lot, I disconnected and connected the dongle to a different port, and Windows recognized it. I could boot, hit del, access BIOS, Start windows, and turn the machine off and everything kept working. But, if I discnnected the dongle and tryed again... nothing...

I managed some how to get things working againg. So I left the things as they were. But yesterday we went thru sort of a blackout. And my home stayed without electicity for about 2 hours. Once again my PC would not recognize the USB wireless dongle.

A friend of mine has a brand new Dell Laptop and has the exact same problem with this same Microsoft mouse and keyboard. I've contacted MS, and they said that, as it works on other machines, it's not thyr problem... go figure.

It's not a problem with the keybord, nor the mouse, because they work great on my laptops. And it should not be a Windows problem, as when they connect corectly they work right after booting, before any OS loads.

I'm getting crazy right now, don't know what else to do. So please help me!!!


Leonardo Dias

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That doesn't sound like M$ at all

by OH Smeg In reply to Microsoft Wireless Deskto ...

They would have replaced the Unit as it's most likely faulty. This would have been the first option and they would have gone on from there to find a solution.

Are you sure that you actually spoke to M$ and not a Shop?


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