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Microsoft won't be the one to do it; someone else will, and they'll make

By adornoe ·
a fortune and become one of the biggest corporations, if they aren't already.

It has to be done by one of the Microsoft partners, who wouldn't be conflicted like Microsoft would be by having to support all of its different partners in so many different PC/smartphone/tablet form factors.

And, hey, didn't I just make several posts last week suggesting exactly what the above blog proposes?

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I don't know!

by seanferd In reply to Microsoft won't be the on ...

There isn't any blog up there! :0

But you probably did.

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There was a blog, and I distinctly remember seeing the blog and my post

by adornoe In reply to I don't know!

beneath it.

I don't know how my post ended up orphaned.

I'm assuming a bug in the blog software.

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