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I'm working on the Vice-President of my company's laptop. He was on vacation 25th - 2nd, so I set him up with an auto-respond away message, and also added in a "add in template" to all his e-mails so the few days prior to the 25th, all his new e-mails would also contain this information.

Its the third, I've removed the auto-reply via rules...and now I am trying to remove the template add-in! I set the normal.doc as the new template and to update all new e-mail messages thereafter. Then it does it...until you exit Outlook or restart, which that that time it adds the away message again to each e-mail.

So...I set it within Outlook and then deleted the away message.doc, it can't default back to it, if its not there, eh? Well, now I go new message, and it says...Word cannot be found or is busy, defaulting to Outlook template. I go into options, mail format, select use Word as my default, and it still says that.

I've verified MS Office is installed on the lappy.

The VP is in Indy for the next 2-3 hours, I've been charged with getting this working, please help :) Thanks


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