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Microsoft XP Developer Error

By TechSupportSpecialist ·
I develop applications in Microsoft Access XP and then I make tham into 'Runtime' packages using the Developer Packaging Wizard. I started getting a strange error when I make the applications.

In the wizard, I get the following error right after Application Information Page:

Error -2147221163: Method '~' of object '~' failed

The mdb files that use other files don't get scanned properly now. For example, if I have an ActiveX object .ocx file I need to include, I have to find the file manually.

I have tried reinstalling the developer and office, running repairs, and downloading all windows updates. Nothing seems to work. Does anyone know how to fix this without reformatting my drive and reinstalling Windows?


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by sachin In reply to Microsoft XP Developer Er ...

Check this i am sure it will help you

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by TechSupportSpecialist In reply to

Not quite, but thanks.

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by theSage In reply to Microsoft XP Developer Er ...

Have you tried unregistering and then re-registering the OCX file in question using:

REGSVR32 -u <OCX Filename>
and then
REGSVR32 <OCX Filename>

Some OCX's and DLL's do not properly "self-register" when installed. Also make sure that their is only 1 copy of the OCX on your harddrive, that it is in your system32 folder, and that that folder is properly contained in both the PATH and the LIBPATH environment paths.

This may solve your problem, although I am not 100% sure. I usually use VB6 for all of my front ends and then use the Office OLE's as my entry points to get Office to do some "clerical / formatting" work for me. I hope this helps.

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by omarco In reply to Microsoft XP Developer Er ...

Have you discover the problem?
I have the same problems, but i don't include any OCX.
After i test the installation of my access program on Pc where i have developed it, the developer packaging wizard start to give me this error

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