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By gpike ·
I'm desperate. I have encrypted all of my work documents using XP standard encryption tool. I then use offline folders to synchronise these with the network. When I came into work on Monday I could no longer open any of the encrypted documents on the network drive - either online or offline. I get access denied and despite all efforts (2 days) am no closer to opening my documents. There are 3 of us experiencing the same problem, so I assume that it must be related to some activity on our file server.
Any answer or options would be welcomed with open arms.

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It seems to me

by tintoman In reply to Microsoft XP Encryption T ...

That the likely cause of this is that the files you are trying to access have become decrypted, possibly in error or if some 3rd party "tweaking" software was installed on your server. You check this in the file properties dialogue
Also you need to check the validity of the encryption certificates as follows:
Click start>run and type certmgr.msc + enter
Expand certificates, personal, certifactes. On the right look for the EFS keys (intended purposes) and verify if they are still valid.

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by gpike In reply to It seems to me

Tried that - still valid for 100 years :-) Interestingly the problem only exists on 1 file server. The other that I use has no problems with my encrypted documents, and neither does my c:drive

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Is it possible

by tintoman In reply to Microsoft XP Encryption T ...

that this is not an encryption issue then? for example if the files on your server have been moved to a different folder location or any group membership has changed, or anything at all that might affect your access permissions would give you the access denied message

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by gpike In reply to Is it possible

There are non-encrypted files in the same folders that are accessible, and ownership has been checked ad-neaseum - even to the point of making me an administrator. I've pretty much resigned myself to never getting them back, and have resolved not to use encryption again :-)

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