Locked and the inability to get updates from microsoft

By hubbellhappyfeet ·
Hello and thanks for any help you can give. I have recently installed windows xp on my computer and need to get all the necessary updates for it. I, however, am unable to download anything from Microsoft. This is not a new problem. I have always had to go to another house and download onto a flash drive and bring it back to my computer. I need to download framework and it wont connect. If I take my tower out of the house to another house I can download from Microsoft. I had sp3 on a flash drive and installed it fine. I guess my question is: could it be a modem or router problem? I have been all over google looking for answers and have found nothing. Thanks for any help.

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Have you checked your router?

by Darryl~ Moderator In reply to and the ina ...

Most of them have a built in firewall nowdays...

You don't have blocked in it do you?

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by hubbellhappyfeet In reply to Have you checked your rou ...

That could be... I am living in a house over a business and I am using their Internet connection. I have tried to access Microsoft from all the computers and cannot. I'm not sure what to do about how to unblock it if that is what it is. How would I check to see if that is it?

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That Is Your Answer

by TheChas In reply to Router

If the business you are above has their network setup properly for their security concerns, what you can download is very apt to be restricted at the router / server.

In many business environments, users are not allowed to install Windows updates on their own. All updates are pushed out through a patch management system. That way, if a patch from Microsoft conflicts with any applications that the business uses, the IT team can block the patch.

As a side note, if you are connecting to their network without their knowledge or permission, you may be at risk for criminal prosecution.


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by hubbellhappyfeet In reply to That Is Your Answer

That is possible. But I think that themselves are unaware of this situation. I have their permission to use their Internet and have conversed with them about the situation but I don't think that I have gotten through to them. There is not really an IT department as they only have two employees. It may have been set up by the company that supplies their computers though. Thanks for the info.

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RE: could it be a modem or router problem?

by OH Smeg In reply to and the ina ...

Yes it could be either of these units being faulty but if they are allowing you to connect to all other Web Sites it's unlikely to be the problem.

The far more likely issue is that your ISP has Blocked M$ as a Spammer. It could be because of the continual need to visit their Web Site and download updates and the size of some of those Updates which has lead to this occurring or they could just have a Glitch in their system.

Have you spoken to your ISP about this matter and what have they to say?

Also can you log into this Web Site

And download from here?


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by hubbellhappyfeet In reply to RE: [i]could it be a mode ...

I cant download from there. I can get to the download page. And it says your download will start automatically. When it doesnt I click the download link and it give me a page that says "your page cannot be displayed

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What Web Browser are you using?

by OH Smeg In reply to nope

And what are the Security Settings on it?


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internet explorer 6

by hubbellhappyfeet In reply to What Web Browser are you ...

internet explorer 6. And the settings are at medium..

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Try Firefox

by OH Smeg In reply to internet explorer 6

And see if you can download anything from the M$ Download Center.

If you can Download IE7 or 8 depending on which you prefer and try again after it is installed.


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ie7 or 8

by hubbellhappyfeet In reply to Try Firefox

cant download either of the ie versions. firefox didnt work....

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