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Microsoft's Anti Spyware tool vs the Best

With so much going on in the malicious codes arena and with so many type of attacks and variants one tries to have the best levels of protection and security against these threats.

After installing and testing the Microsoft Anti Spyware (beta) that was released I must admit that Microsoft's stance in trying to assist with the Spyware issues has been somewhat of a success. After all, they wrote the app to run on their OS to stop the issues from affecting their applications and settings which has been a major plague for Windows users. The know the strenghts and weaknesses of there OSsand applications.

How do you guys find the Anti Spyware tools performance vs the ones already a standard on the market Like SpyBot, Spysweeper,Pest Patrol and Ad-Aware.

I have setup a test environment with systems configured with Win2k and WinXP and each system runs a different Anti Spyware tool. How do they fan out at the end of the day?

Results vary, but who does a better job of blocking and cleaning up the mess already created.

Have you tested it out yet?
What are your thoughts?

If you haven't, I suggest you do.

The Suite

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by Salamander In reply to Microsoft's Anti Spyware ...

I saw that MS was offering the Anti Spyware as a beta release, and am intending on playing with it... Before I do, does anybody have any observations regarding how well it plays with AV programs? Has anyone noticed any problems?

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Tested 3 so far

by TITSSNI In reply to Question

I have it running with Symantec AV Corp Edt. 8.x and 9.x, running with Sophos AV v.3.x and McAfee AV clients.

No issues so far.

The Suite

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by Salamander In reply to Tested 3 so far

...that's what I needed to know. With it being a beta version unsupported by MS, I like to get as much info as possible! Thanks very much.

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by IT_Lobo In reply to Question

I have been running it with AVG Network addition for over a week now and have had no issues as of yet.

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by Salamander In reply to AVG

...thanks for the info!

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No problems yet...

by Dnixon In reply to Question

I've installed it on 8 clients on a small network. It is mixed with Symantec, Adware, eTrust, and Spybot. No problems so far; what one doesn't catch, the other does.

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Good to know...

by Salamander In reply to No problems yet...
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MS Anti-Spyware testing

by AcousticNut In reply to Microsoft's Anti Spyware ...

I've run MS Anti-Spyware with McAfee VirusShield in a corporate environment, and both Norton and AVG in the home environment with no apparent problems.

So far, and grudginly, I think MS is the best of the major anti-spyware applications. I'm usually learly of anything w/ MS name on it, but think they're on a really good track with this one. I've installed it on close to 10 PCs with good results.

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by anthonyg In reply to MS Anti-Spyware testing

This anti spyware program was a product of Giant. I had tried them out before Microsoft bought them out. Very good program, I've tried many other Anti spyware that didnt seem to catch what the MS\BETA\GIANT software can do.

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can not use just one

by glyall In reply to MS Anti-Spyware testing

You can not just one tool to remove adware or spyware.

You need at least two programs to remove adware or spyware (more sometimes is better).
We programs like Ad-Aware, SpyBots, MS Anti-spyware, or others do get most of them. Each one does find them tings the others do not find.

I do hope Microsoft keep updating like Ad-Aware does, if they do not it will allow holes and adware, spyware and other will attack the PC.
Then we have to wait again for updates.

Good Luck to All

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