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Microsoft's April Security Update Will Contain eight Patches

By Jaqui ·
(8 April 2005)
Preceding the release of its scheduled monthly security update, Microsoft has announced that it will be releasing eight patches, five of which are for vulnerabilities in Windows. Several of the Windows patches are for critical vulnerabilities; there will also be patches for critical flaws in Office, MSN Messenger and Exchange. In addition,
Microsoft plans to release a new version of its malicious software removal tool.

so, one update to fix several critical security risks.
how long has each critical risk been known and exploited?

why can't ms get with the program and release critical risk patches as soon as available, instead of only when they feel like it?

cause they don't care about security, despite thier recent statements to the contrary.
( if they did, then they would be releasing the patches more than once a month )

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A combination plate...with beans and rice

by ATXStranger In reply to Microsoft's April Securit ...

I think MS's strategy here is a combination of delay and "customer service". By releasing patches once a month, it gives MS more time to test the patch and avoid patching the patch problem that has plagued them at times in the past. Also, they can cloak it in the veil of "customer service" because now frustrated end users only have to install once a month instead of once a week, or more.

I'd prefer to see critical patches released as soon as they are ready because even a couple of weeks may be enough time for people to take advantage of the flaw. And with as often as Window's crashes, whats a couple of extra reboots every month.

Their strategy in this is completly flawed, and I agree with your assertion that MS doesn't care about security, unless its security of their desktop dominance and stock price.

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by Jaqui In reply to A combination plate...wit ...

I saw somewhere it's the customer advertsing benefit they get for only releasing once a month.

customers see one update they think they are more secure than they are, making it less likely that they will switch to an open source os.

so thier motive is partially the customer service, but mostly they want to give false impressions of thier products quality to retain customer base.

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Agreed jaqui

by jck In reply to Microsoft's April Securit ...

Whenever someone creates a new virus, you don't see Norton or any other company waiting til a specific quarter to help increase profits. They release a scan signature as fast as possible.

Guess with the good ole EULA, Microsoft doesn't have to worry about if their software provides means for take-over of your PC and information.

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they say eight..

by Jaqui In reply to Microsoft's April Securit ...

yet, by counting the vulnerabilities addressed there are at least 11 vulnerabilities being patched.

go figger. they can't count.

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