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Microsoft's DST patch for Windows 2000 does not work as advertised

By Why Me Worry? ·
Early this Monday morning, we have come to the sad realization that Microsoft's supposed tzedit tool did not do what it was supposed on the Windows 2000 server and workstations, thus keeping the time as as it was before DST went into effect. We found a fix, which requires manually changing the timezone to something else, and then changing it back, but this involves a manual method which is time consuming. Anyone else care to share their pains this Monday morning with certain systems not rolling over properly?

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same problem here

by tech06 In reply to Microsoft's DST patch for ...

We have the same issue to Tzedit here as well. Users have to manually change the time on the computer. We're worried the same problem with repeat in 3 weeks which is the time when 'regular' DST would kick in.

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Good point. April 1st should be watched as well for funky behavior.

by Why Me Worry? In reply to same problem here

You know, I didn't think about that possibility. April 1st will be another weekend to watch the Windows 2000 servers like a hawk.

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TZEdit Problem

by pcrx_greg In reply to Good point. April 1st sh ...

MS left out a step in the tzedit instructions. We had to go to the Date and Time in Control Panel and on the Time Zones Tab, check to adjust automatically for DST.

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Good catch. So come November, time would not roll back to standard time.

by Why Me Worry? In reply to TZEdit Problem

Nice going Microsuck! As if Vista isn't enough of a pain in the *** to deal with, we have to worry about the clocks not adjusting properly.

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November will be fine

by AES2 In reply to Good catch. So come Nove ...

There are two parts of the DST rules. One is when each time zone starts and ends DST, which can be edited per time zone by TZEdit.

The other is the current time zone's parameters, which is set when you set the time zone. When you set your time zone to something else and then back to your own after correcting it with TZEdit, the latest rules get set, including the November stop date.

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Let me check that

by j_most In reply to TZEdit Problem

Wow, I hope that does work. Luckily we didn't have that many 2000 servers, but still is a pain you know? sheesh Microsoft!

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Time Problem On Win2k

by rprather1104 In reply to Microsoft's DST patch for ...

The problem occurs because the tzedit was only intended to change the time zone parameters. It does not modify all the necessary registry keys to have the system update correctly. You must use a registry file & a vbs script that uses windows management to refresh everything necessary. All of the Winnt4 - Win2k - Win98se
& etc systems we support all updated correctly this morning. If anyone needs the scripts, I will be glad to email them.

Roy W. Prather
Contract Computer Services

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I could certainly use the script if you have it

by Why Me Worry? In reply to Time Problem On Win2k

Email it to me if you can.

Many thanks.

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DST Scripts

by Lost Cause? In reply to I could certainly use the ...

I could use thew scripts if you please...

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The VBS and Reg file worked but...

by dantilus In reply to Time Problem On Win2k

I noticed that some of our computers didn't import the modified reg file into the correct key, which is what the VBS file is supposed to do. After just making a simple modification to the cmd file to run the VBS command again, many more systems imported the key correctly. Here's the updated line, it should be under the last line in the CMD file. Is it needed? perhaps not, but it worked for us.

c:\winnt\system32\cscript.exe \\xxx\xxx\xxx\refreshTZinfo.vbs

"xxx" was our server and share names.

Hope this helps.

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