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Microsoft's little Black Box

By Toni Bowers ·
Microsoft says it is adding the PC equivalent of a flight data recorder to the next version of Windows. In our poll question, we asked your opinion on this. Use this forum to explain your response.

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..To be used only in the event

by Black Panther In reply to Microsoft's little Black ...

of a disaster! :)

One really wonders how the CONTENTS of a Word document would help MS resolve a OPERATING SYSTEM PROBLEM

We have enough intrusions on our privacy as it is without worrying about what might happen to the contents of our computer in the hands of some malicious employee, perhaps even one in another country. Where does this end?

Another thing, an illusion of the name of a "black box" seems designed to put a better face on this than it deserves.

Black boxes surve a very useful purpose on aircraft.

The difference is obviously ignored that Black Boxes on airplanes record PUBLIC records, conversations, and data.

A better analogy would be with unauthorised eavesdropping on private conversations.

Microsoft wiretapping is more like it.

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Hmm you could try reading

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Microsoft's little Black ...

the other thread that was going on this. About 500 + posts in this and many of them from yours truly.

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The jury is still hearing testimony.

by deepsand In reply to Microsoft's little Black ...

Until we have all the evidence, who can say?

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