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    Microsofts NEW Differential Pricing Policy Is Unfair !


    by happyandyk ·

    Microsoft slashed the price on its Windows Vista operating system in China by more than half, in a bid to lure buyers away from pirated versions of the software.

    The price cut is the latest tactic by Microsoft in its efforts to spread legitimate products in the China market, which is a hotbed for software piracy.

    It is my opinion that the factor for to be considered for following a Differential Pricing Policy should not be the incidence of High Piracy in any Country, BUT the Affordibility in that country; else it will only be tantamount to encouraging piracy, indirectly ! Such a step can only be construed as being a ‘reward’ for high piracy!

    However, adopting such a policy for countries of Africa, Asia and Latin America too, on the BASIS OF AFFORDABILITY, would send out signals in the right direction !

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