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    Middler Hacking Tool: Be afraid, very afraid…..


    by robo_dev ·

    The text below shamelessly cut and pasted from

    “October 6, 2008 – A researcher will demonstrate a free, plug-and-play hacking tool this week that automatically generates man-in-the middle attacks on online banking, Gmail, Facebook , LiveJournal, and LinkedIn sessions — even though they secure the login process.

    Jay Beale, who recently released the so-called ?Middler? open-source tool, will show it off at the SecTor conference in Toronto. Aside from the unnerving capability of hacking into sites that perform secure logins and then use clear-text HTTP, Middler is also designed for use by an attacker with no Web-hacking skills or experience.

    Beale?s tool can override a secure banking session by rewriting the URLs on the page to remove the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protection.”

    >>> Scary Stuff! Just when you thought your web access was secure…..

    Link to full article here:

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