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might be in Montreal for a bit.

By Jaqui ·
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to see a surgeon.

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Best wishes

by seanferd In reply to might be in Montreal for ...

May your consultation and/or surgery go well. I hope your pulmonary issues are better for you these days too. Do let us know how you are doing. : )

Been so long, Jaqui. I'm almost never around here when you drop in. Miss you.

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the breathing problems?

by Jaqui In reply to Best wishes

You know they will never go away, but yup.
I actually posted the news on it in the watercooler a few months back:

I usually don't stay on long, to hard to find stuff with the changes.
I miss the whole crew.

I stopped playing Evony, now I'm board admin and game admin [ 4 servers ] for Damoria.
and looks like board admin for Deepolis also, might be a 3 server game admin there by morning.

both are part of Bigpoint games.

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More fun stuff.

by Jaqui In reply to might be in Montreal for ...

could make this a whole new thread, it likely to be one of those discussion segments that grow huge.

did anyone know that about 33% of trans wind up going through a sexual orientation change as part of the transition?
hmm, I always thought sexual orientation, like gender identity, is something you are born with, and it doesn't change.

go figure, 2 years of estrogen and spironolactone and oops, my lesbianism is changing on me.
no idea what my sexuality will be afterwards now.

Heterosexual, bisexual, lesbian, or [ gods I hope not, that is just wierd ] asexual. [ no *** at all. ]

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No, I never heard that discussed.

by seanferd In reply to More fun stuff. :/

It isn't one of the things that has ever come up in the conversations I've seen with the trans* people in the communities I frequent. Like the rest of the folks, they are mostly focused on aspects of social justice there. Used to see more posts and discussions on being trans*, but a lot of that has slowed down or changed direction.

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glad you're getting your sexual dysphoria fixed

by john.a.wills In reply to might be in Montreal for ...

It must be a horrific condition: one *** in the brain and the other in the genitals.

However, your use of the term "homosexual" and some associated ones indicates incomplete analysis on your part. Homosexuality is a doubly misleading improper concept, conflating orthogonal categories and assuming unwarranted parallelisms. Let us not use it.

As for the matter of sexual inversion being inborn, you should be aware that the condition can be induced in estuarine fauna by contraceptive drugs passing through humans upstream. This was discovered in the early 1990s, but I do not know what follow-up and related research has been done. It is therefore quite conceivable that it can be induced or cured in some way in humans, but the fog of homophobia and homosexualism prevents us finding out easily whether it in fact has been. Where did you get your information about change in "orientation" among those undergoing ***-reassignment treatment? I would like to follow that up.

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The orientation change?

by Jaqui In reply to glad you're getting your ...

It was a very early study in 1990, at a women's conference in the phillipines.
I beleive that the 15 post op trans women in attendance that participated in a small survey during the conference were what has caused the funding to be make available for a number of studies.

1) Sexual "gratification"
at the time, they were calculating roughly 25% of post op trans women are capable of reaching orgasm from vaginal intercourse.

2) Sexual Orientation both pre and post op
of the 15 participants, 50% were lesbian oriented pre op, 25% were bissexual, 25% were heterosexual.
the post op orientations were quite different.
45% lesbian, 15% bissexual, 4% asexual, 36% heterosexual. [ roughly, I lost my copy of the survey results so I'm working from memory ]

you might find a handy site to check a lot out.
she has done a fair bit of research recently [ online ] and created a report on each subject.

and as far as using the term homosexual, that is a gender neutral term technically.
trying to appease people's ignorant bias by not using terms they fear won't help them to figure out thay need to examine why they fear it so much.

yup, hormonal imbalances in the mother can cause brainsex and physical gender [ *** isn't the best term for this ] to be mismatched. The thing is, emotions the expectant mother has can trigger the hormonal imbalance to cause it, not just the birth control pills. [ or the high estrogen content in tap water in major cities from use of the birth control pills. ]

one last note, sexual dysphoria is no longer the correct term, gender identity disorder is.

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Now things are coming back to me...

by john.a.wills In reply to glad you're getting your ...

In the 1960s Eysenck reported that homosexuality (his term, he must have meant sexual inversion) could be treated as a neurosis and cured (he didn't really like using that word) by the methods of behavioral psychology. I haven't heard about this for a long time, and Eysenck, if I remember rightly, was reporting on work that someone else had done. I think I have one or two of his books on my shelves; perhaps I should look things up. So it's not just hormone ratios as we might imagine from the case of the estuarine fauna.

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gender and ***

by john.a.wills In reply to might be in Montreal for ...

I use "gender" principally as a grammatical category. I know it is used a lot as a substitute (euphemism?) for "***", but I have the impression that most people with such vocabulary are trying to lead me up some garden path. How does Jaqui define the two words? I think this may be important.

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the 2 words?

by Jaqui In reply to gender and ***

gender is a physical state, *** is an activity.
ok, so it is more than the activity, but it is not a state of being/biology.

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if you want to use both technically

by seanferd In reply to the 2 words?

they are somewhat coupled independent variables. Gender expectations of culture for the more common binary seckses are a whole other matter. (But neither gender nor secks are truly binary anyway, and neither is secksual orientation.) Genders are how you identify.

I'll work with any definitions Jaqui uses here, though. I have to defer to Jaqui's experience.

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