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Migrate f/2000 to 2003

By Whatme? ·
I have a domain w/5 sites. I updated the forest then the domain as required then installed W3k server on a DC w all roles. The other 2000 servers don't replicate with it well. The 2003 has Group policy errors. it just won't read any GPs. For a quick fix, I took made a 2000 DC the master and took the 2003 offline until I could figure out what went wrong. The 2003 failed to replicate with any server while online. Any ideas, or walk throughs...without going to Microsoft site. They don't explain anything well

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by CG IT In reply to Migrate f/2000 to 2003

well WAN links to sites are always slow[er] than LAN so replication might take a while. the 2003 box might just have had a tough time getting out to the WAN link. Did you check for connectivity?

Since DCs are all peers and there is a transitive trust automatically setup between sites in a domain and each site should have a DC that is authoritative for the site zone, my question would be, where's the 2003 box fit in on the network? and where is it trying to get replication? a WAN link or another DC on the LAN it's in?

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by CG IT In reply to

I would assume your adding in the W2003 DC in a site which already has a DC servicing it. So you would install W2003 server and join it to the domain as a member server, then dcpromo to a DC. The Wizard will run for AD and establish the replication links with other DCs on the LAN. Since the site would already have site links in AD sites and services, the w2003 box will get them via DDNS. GP propogation is a whole nother ball of wax. GPs are: the less there are the better it is. How many you got configured?

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by Whatme? In reply to

So far I haven't updated W3K on my sites. I am trying to update within my main site first.
I want to get 2 GPs working... Domain controllers and default GPO.
I have a BDC w/W3k and a member server w/W3k. Neither will replicate.
Actuallt the BDC (W3k) goes offline daily. (fails ro replicate) with the dC....sitting beside it running W2K

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by Whatme? In reply to Migrate f/2000 to 2003

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