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Migrate from FoxPro 2.6 to MySQL.. is it possible (and some questions)?

By ObiWayneKenobi ·
Some questions here.. as I've stated in the past the company I work for has all of its data in Foxpro 2.6 (last I checked there was something like 15,000 .DBF files) and in my spare time I'm looking for alternatives (although I highly doubt I can get them to switch; they've used it for the past 11 years). SQL Server 2K5 is too expensive ("work for a company that doesn't like to spend money") so I am looking at MySQL.. which I've installed on my computer and have been playing around with.

However, there are some potential issues:

- Is it even possible to convert a Foxpro for Windows 2.6 DBF to MySQL format? We have a LOT of data in individual databases (see above comment) that would need to all be transferred over if we were to move.

- We have several programs (windows and web based) that access or load individual DBFs to manipulate and display data; does MySQL have an equivalent single file for each table that could replace the DBF? e.g. In a program you click Load, select the .DBF you want, and then click Open so the program loads it. MySQL would have to have an equivalent file that could be used.

- MySQL has no theoretical limit to the size of the table or database, correct? As opposed to Foxpro's 2GB or something.. this is important because the DBFs can be very large with all the information we keep

- I know this is almost certainly a yes, but ASP (Classic) and ASP.NET have ways to connect to MySQL to display things, correct? I can easily google how, just want to make sure it's possible since I'm not up on PHP and our web apps are all written in Classic ASP (I would attempt to convert to .NET) anyways, so converting them to PHP or JSP (another possibility) would probably be too daunting a task for them to approve.

- As an aside question, our current applications are all written in Delphi 3 and we have no access to the source code (the previous MIS manager, who developed it, took the code and the company consults with him when needed for changes). In the event that I was to aquire the code and attempt to rewrite the programs in something else, what would be a good suggestion for what language? I know this is a very vague question and it depends on what the program would do.. so I apologize; I know mostly VB.NET, C#, a little Java (could wing it and I'm trying to learn more) and a little C++ (trying to learn it); keep in mind that most of the machines that use these programs are running Windows *ugh* Millenium but aren't connected to the internet and have the desktops entirely locked down via Registry hacks. This option will probably never happen (I'm skeptical about ANY of the possibilities I've talked about happening... this company seems dead-set on sticking with Foxpro 2.6 forever) but I want to get a few ideas.

Sorry for the long, drawn-out questions.. as I said I'm just trying to fish for ideas so I can do more research and experimentation. I *really* hate being stuck with such obsolete, faulty technology.

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Why reinvent the wheel?

by wcoupe In reply to Migrate from FoxPro 2.6 t ...

A much easier sell, conversion-wise, might be to simply upgrade from FPW2.6 to VFP 9.0

Along the way you'll pick up the DBC (DataBase Container), stored procedures and event triggers. The VFP9.0 tables also seem far more stable than 2.6 was.

All of your existing related tables (15K seems like a huge number of free tables it reminds me of a medical system I took over years ago where the previous guy had created a separate table for each patient) can be housed under various DBC's.

Are you sure there's not a more efficient design to be had?

I don't know the exact mySQL limits, but the few folks I know who deployed the free version on their websites had to switch to the purchased version because of size limits.

Once you've got the data moved (I think VFP 9.0 is less than $900 by the way) I'd set about building your application in a way that would let you change the database later with little or no code changes.

While my choice for a new application would be .Net, either VB or C#, I think you're going to have trouble running .Net under Windows ME, although I've never tried, I don't recall it being a support platform.

In the end, if the company is rigid in terms of the data store, I'd be hesitant to attempt any sort of rewrite as you'll just have new code wrapped around an unsupported data repository.

I wish you well.

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Thanks for your input

by ObiWayneKenobi In reply to Why reinvent the wheel?

I was thinking of MySQL because the company is hard-pressed to spend ANY money on a solution (Management doesn't see a problem at all to begin with); even the $900 for VFP 9 would be shot down as them not having the money to spend on something.. the old addage that gets tossed about is "If it's not broke, why fix it?"

As I said I'm mainly expecting ideas.. I don't expect any of what is suggested to be approved (I'd probably be sticking my own neck out under the axe to even SUGGEST it) as nobody but me seems to see the problems (security, no support, convoluted way of doing things, etc) of running outdated operating systems and software.

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I suggest

by submit In reply to Migrate from FoxPro 2.6 t ...

Try ESF Database Migration Toolkit.

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