Migrate Linux DHCP to Windows

By hiten.kacha ·
Hi guys,

Just signed up hope some of you maybe able to help give me tips pointers etc.

Just started a new job and they use a Linux Debian DHCP and DNS. I ahve been asked to investigate migrating this to Windows 2003 Server

Im a bit stuck as iv never used Linux

anyone out there that could give me some tips or direct me to some links


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by Absolutely In reply to Migrate Linux DHCP to Win ...

/usr/share/doc is the place to start for information about the packages installed on your system. The DHCP documentation is in relatively obvious folders like 'dhcdbd', 'dhcp-server' or 'dhcp3-server', etc. The DNS package (like a Windows 'application') is called 'bind' -- Berkeley Internet Name Daemon.


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dhcp dns

by hiten.kacha In reply to Just DHCP & DNS

Thanks for the help.

do you know any articals that might be able to give me a tutorial or anything. Iv searched google but nothing came up.

is it a difficult procedure or not?

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Pretty simple in Debian. Is that what you're asking?

by Absolutely In reply to dhcp dns

I haven't used Windows Server 2003, but I imagine it's point & click, because it's Windows.

If you want a tutorial for setting up DHCP & DNS in Windows Server 2003, all I can recommend is to visit & browse the technical section of your local bookstore. But, I do use Debian, so if you have a specific question about that I'll tell you where to go for what information. So far, your questions are a bit vague.

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by hiten.kacha In reply to Pretty simple in Debian. ...

Well we currently use debian for our DHCP server and want to get rid of this and use a windows 2003 server. Is there anything that needs to be done on the debian server. do i need to export lists etc. or is it a matter of just configuring windows DHCP and switching off the debian server

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I see: maybe.

by Absolutely In reply to DHCP DNS

It sounds like the previous network admin left in a hurry, and didn't train his/her replacement. Something like that? OK, well, at this point, all I can really tell you is what I already have: the programs ('packages' in Linux-ese) that you need to understand are dhcp3-server and bind. You should read the documentation enough to know which configuration files you need to open & read. I could do you a disservice, and just tell you the file names, but then I'd probably forget some minor detail that would get you fired next week, or your company hacked & its accounts emptied.

And, like I said, I don't know Windows Server at all, so I can't tell you a thing about that.

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dns dhcp

by hiten.kacha In reply to I see: maybe.

the files which is have located are DCHP.Lease

and a file under the Bind folder which is in the format of db.domain name

i think they are the files i need.

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No, for DHCP it's dhcpd.conf

by Absolutely In reply to dns dhcp

I don't recall the file name for DNS. Please read the documentation for bind in /usr/share/doc/bind (or bind9, etc.)

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How did you get on?

by dr_nick00 In reply to Migrate Linux DHCP to Win ...

Hi Hiten, How did you get on with this? I know 'absolutely' posts were rubbish, but did you manage the migration? We are now about to do the same thing. Any pointers on importing the current scope details into 2003 would be appreciated.

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Step by step..Read more here..

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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What about DHCP?

by dr_nick00 In reply to Step by step..Read more h ...

Hi Peconet, Thanks for that post, it's going to be useful for the DNS part of things. What about something for migrating the DHCP side of things from Unix to 2003? The scope settings and ip addresses that are currently assigned?

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