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    Migrate MS Office 2003 to Office 2007


    by atcollege ·

    Our college is migrating users from Office 2003 to Office 2007 by ghosting their hard drives. We are working hard at keeping their Office 2003 customizations (custom.dic, macros, nickname file, templates. OS is WinXP.

    There is very little information out there about this, and I know many people are going through the same thing. What is your experience?

    People generally like the new Office but we are encountering problems with macros and some automated mail merges.

    Here’s what we are doing:
    Users run a backup program we created to backup their printers, files from My Documents,, Office templates,Outlook nickname file, Signatures, Office custom.dic. These files are placed on their private network drive.

    Their hard drive is removed and kept for a week. This hard drive is replaced with a ghosted hard drive, a synch toy is run on it and the copied files from #1 above are placed into the correct folders on the new hard drive. Outlook Exchange client is configured.

    We work with the users to make sure everything is as they expect. As I said at the top, macros and some automated mail merges seem to be a problem. We haven’t done the heavy Excel users yet, but I anticipate some problems with them, as I haven’t gotten the macros problem solved yet.

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