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Migrate P2P to Win2003 with profiles

By rpietrobon ·

I would like to know how to migrate a mix of 50 Windows 2000 & XP systems from a Windows 2000 Peer-to-Peer network to a Windows 2003 Domain, and keep all of the local profiles on the systems so that the end users' computers keep the sames settings, ex Outlook, My Docs etc. Do I need to add their Domain account to the local admin group and over write the local profile ?


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by razz2 In reply to Migrate P2P to Win2003 wi ...

Log in as admin and join the new domain. Then log in with their user name to create a network account profile. Last log in as admin and get to the system control panel by your favorite method. Select the advanced tab and choose settings under user profiles. From there you can copy the local account profile to the network one.

Good Luck,


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by Lameei In reply to Migrate P2P to Win2003 wi ...

for outlook and also for office programs you can export the settings and then import them in new ones.But for profiles I also suggest you the Razz method.

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by Omnicef In reply to Migrate P2P to Win2003 wi ...

I have an easier answer. Much faster (copying a profile can take alot of time, and multiply that by 50!).
1. Join PC to domain.
2. Log on as Domain user.
3. Log off.
4. Log on as Domain Administrator.
5. Add Domain user account as administrator to local pc.
6. Rename C:\documents and Settings\[oldusername] to C:\documents and settings\[newusername].
7. Log off.
8. Log on as Domain User.
9. Open Outlook, error can't find pst file (POP only)
10. Browse to file in renamed profile.
11. Done... 5 Min. tops.

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by callyusef In reply to Migrate P2P to Win2003 wi ...

I have the same problem as you and was interested to see what the others say about this.
Lameei answer is an intersting one, i tried and have no luck.
the problem here is that when you log on to a local machine you cannot see domain acounts. so when he suggested that you log on as domain admin and then make the domain user a member of the local admin group it can't be done from the administrative tools under users, because no domain users can be seen from there, it is for local users & groups.
i would appreciate if someone who has had this problem and soved it because at the moment nothing is going right.

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