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Migrate to Vista or wait for Windows 7

By esherman37 ·
What are your thoughts, pros and cons about migrating users to Vista now or waiting until Windows 7 is released?
With all the issues associated with Vista, and MS seeming to move beyond it and focus on the future with Windows 7, does it make sense to wait? Anyone remember Windows ME???

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by CharlieSpencer In reply to Migrate to Vista or wait ...

If you have an application that requires Vista, then obviously you should migrate those systems that will be running the app.

If you buy a new system and you can get it with XP or XP drivers, go with XP.

If you can get a new system only with Vista, or can't get XP drivers for it, roll it out with Vista.

We rarely mass-migrate desktop OS here. Normally we only upgrade an OS when we replace the hardware.

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Wait for W7 until you go for Vista

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Migrate to Vista or wait ...

makes sense.

Skipping Vista as though W7 is going to somehow 'correct' all the 'faults' Vista highlighted, is naive at best. An IT professional making that decision based on that hope, should hand in their badge and get their lobotomy completed.

I remember it going from 98 to XP, and NT4 to 2K, neither was made any more or less difficult by ME being ignored during those transitions.

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actually from what i read

by jck In reply to Wait for W7 until you go ...

if you have xp...and you want to go to Windows 7...plan on migrating to Vista first...or doing a clean Windows 7 install.

Evidently, MS has admitted...XP to Windows 7 is not a upgrade path you can choose.

You can buy the license...but...not upgrade direct.

Go figure. Must by "by design". lol

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I would -never- upgrade a Windows OS

by CharlieSpencer In reply to actually from what i read

Unless it's absolutely necessary, I would -always- do a clean install of a Windows OS. In my case, 'absolutely necessary' is defined as, "We lost the installation media for this mission critical application, so we can't install it from scratch on a clean OS install", or "The vendor charges an arm and a leg to configure this app, and it isn't worth our time to figure out how to do a one-time configuration from scratch."

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Me either

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to I would -never- upgrade a ...

Even if it 'just works' at the time something goes wrong a bit later, you look up the problem. Every recomendation you find for gullible twits who upgraded is clean install.

I was a gullible twit once.....

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We're skipping Vista

by unhappyuser In reply to Migrate to Vista or wait ...

We didn't like Vista when it came out. There were too many unknowns and issues (drivers). The main reason for us really was timing. We were ready to replace almost half of our systems and Vista was too new. We had XP on the other computers so we "stayed the course" and now have everything on XP. We do have one Vista PC for testing and play with it from time to time.

With the economy as it is we won't be buying anything for awhile. Memory upgrades has kept the older units from bogging down but no other purchases will be authorized.

AM I a big fan of Vista? No. Do I think 7 will made the world right? No. Depending upon how 7 plays out we might go with Vista SP2 and have no issues (looking into the future). We're at a happy point right now and really don't want to mess it up with forcing a new OS on users. They had a hard enough time switching to Office 2K7! I also don't want to stop the flow of chocolate anytime soon. ; -= )

Good luck!


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