Migrating child domains to a new forest in Active Directory

By naughtius ·
Hi all.

I just joined a company that has recently merged with another business. Business A, the new business, bought all of the assets of Business B, which included Business C. Bus. C will remain a valid business, but business B is now defunct.

Here's the rub... In Active Directory, Business C is a child domain in Business B's forest. In a perfect world, I'd like to "detach" Business C from Business B, and make C a child domain in Business A's forest.
...With me so far? Both A and C are on Windows Server 2003 platforms.

ADMT 3.0 will do the job, but take a LOT more time, since the structure of Business C remains intact.

Any ideas?

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by scott In reply to Migrating child domains t ...

I'm glad this is you asking the question and not me. Unfortunatly, I'm afraid the only thing your going to be able to do is the ADMT.

I've been expecting just this scenario from one of our current customers or a new customer for quite some time and have researched in my spare time, alot. The only thing I can come up with is the ADMT track. IF you do find another way, please let me know so I can stop worrying about the possibility.

How many users/computers would be in the affected domain? Would it be easier to recreate the users and then touch all the pc's, add them to the domain, copy/move profiles..etc?

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