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Migrating coldfusion 4.5 application to MX

By tasnomani ·
Can somebody list out what changes do I have to make when I am migrating my 4.5 code to mx

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by Blowtoad In reply to Migrating coldfusion 4.5 ...

It has been so long since I've done this that I lost my notes, but from what I remember, most of the modifications that were required didn?t really make sense.

I copied the app from the old server, to the new and tested it. Errors would come up so I would comment out blocks of code to eliminate the error.

The frustrating part is that in most cases, I would narrow it down to something like this:

The problem is line 35 and line 42.
If I comment out line 35, it runs fine (except that the logic in line 35 didn?t get done) or if I commented out line 42, but left line 35 it would execute, but if both were left uncommented, it would error out.

In many cases, I just had to code the algorithm differently until I found something that worked.

I suspect that these issues may have arrived not because of changes to the CF language, but because of the change from the c++ based interpreter to a java based interpreter. Java certainly handles the data differently.

One change that I remember is that I had to change the way I added datasources. In the Alaire style CF versions, you could just add an odbc datasource, with MX, it is different, there is also the jdbc datasource stuff. If you just use the CF administrator to manage your datasources, you will have no problem, but if like me, you wrote your own custom widgets to create datasources because of limitations in the CF administrator, you will have to recode those bits.

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