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Migrating Email Between Computers

By FBudelman ·
This has to be a common problem, but I cannot seem to solve it. I have a desktop and a laptop.

I want to migrate my emails from the desktop to the laptop without losing any of the emails already on the laptop.

Both are running Outlook 2003.

The desktop has Windows 2000.

The laptop has Windows XP.

I know how to backup Outlook to a .pst file and copy this from one computer to another, but this REPLACES the .pst file, and thus, loses all the emails already in the.pst file being overwritten.

Export/Import does not work (at least I cannot seem to make it work for me). I get an error message that says I cannot import to the same folder.

I can't believe, that after all this time, Outlook does not have a simple way to handle this.

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Try th eCSV

by Oz_Media In reply to Migrating Email Between C ...

Have you tried exporting it to a DISK as a Comma delimited (.csv)file?

Once there it should be easy to import it from disk onto the WinXP machine.

One question, seeing as this is a discussion forum I can ask you a question back. :)

Have you kept the default XP interface or have you set it to classic to mimick your 2K interface and speed it up?

Just cusious I see many 2K users, including myself, who hate the prissy bells and whistles look of XP, it reminds me of Teletubbies (and not just the wallpaper!).

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Well with Outlook Express the import/Export works quite well

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Migrating Email Between C ...

But you have to import or export to a different folder and when you import you chose the import from backup folder option that restores all the backed up e-mail without over writing the existing mail that is already there.

I've never had a problem doing this at all and I do routine e-mail backup as well as restores when required.


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Should work like a charm!

by dafe2 In reply to Migrating Email Between C ...

Not sure why this isn't working but:

On the desktop, export the data in your PST to a another pst:

Highlight the personal folder then click file, export, "export to a file", then "Personal folder file", then "personal folder", click the include subfolder box and then it will create a file called "backup.pst". If it doesn't you may have missed a step.

Good luck

On the Laptop just import the Backup.pst file.

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How to move a PST to another machine.

by Honu425 In reply to Migrating Email Between C ...

Since the Desktop machine has a pst file containing all of the required data. Simply copy THAT pst file to the laptop machine. Open Outlook in the laptop and, after it is opened, on the File menu click Open, Outlook Data File. Navigate to the newly copied pst file and select it. Outlook will merrily open that pst file IN ADDITION to any other pst files you already have opened.

Hope this helps.

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