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Migrating Exchange 5.5 to 2003

By mlepage ·
I work at a company that has just been sold.

Right now we are using Exchange 5.5 but the plan is to upgrade to 2003.

The server is in an exchange organization with other servers at other sites.

I was thinking of installing 2003 on a new server and creating a new organization and moving the mailboxes from the 5.5 to the 2003 in the new organization.

And after the mailboxes have been moved, just remove the server from the organization without saving any information.

Is this the right way to do it?
If yes, what tools will I need to do this, and do you have any advice?
If not, what would be the best way?

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by faradhi In reply to Migrating Exchange 5.5 to ...

I did this a year ago. Exchange 2003 is intergrated with Active Directory so it is not as simple as installing an Exchange 2003 and adding it to a 5.5 site. You have to install Exchange 2003 and the Active Directory Connector. This will allow 5.5 to replicate with the 2003. Then you can move the mailboxes.

A couple of things not to do. Initiate the move from the Exchange 2003 server not from an admin PC. If your connection goes to the admin PC you could corrupt a mailbox. Also, do not try to move multiple mailboxes at one time. Again, you run the risk of corrupting mailboxes. (Learned the hard way)

Here is an article that explains the process.

I hope this helps.

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5.5 and 2003 not sending mail between each other

by jwhitmarsh In reply to

I'm in the middle of this process now. 2003 is installed and part of the existing 5.5 organization, ADC is installed and running, and I can migrate mailboxes from 5.5 to 2003 (and back, fortunately) with ease. What I cannot do is send mail between the two systems. I moved my mailbox to the 2003 server, and can get to it fine, as well as see the GAL fine. But, if I try to send mail to someone who is still on the 5.5 box, or they try to mail me, it bounces back as undeliverable. What am I missing?

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