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    Migrating from a Perc h710 to a LSI Megaraid 9271-8i – Import Issues


    by vertigo262 ·

    First I will state all firmwares have been updated to the latest. Even though they are both old

    So I’m trying to switch out my dell perc h710 to a LSI Megaraid 9271- 8i card.

    Obviously, everyone knows the Dell Perc is an LSI card. When It gets to the point of importing the forign disks, or configuration it does not recognize them and can’t import them

    No problem wiping them and redoing the raid 10. But I’d rather import and make my life much easier.

    Anyone know why this card is having trouble seeing the dell perc configutation?

    Any help appreciated

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      It’s been a few decades

      by rproffitt ·

      In reply to Migrating from a Perc h710 to a LSI Megaraid 9271-8i – Import Issues

      And I’ve never found that plugging in RAID drives to work. That is, some hundred attempts, first by me and later by clients have yet to work UNLESS it’s the same make, model and firmware model card. For all the rest it’s the old restore from backup that gets the job done.

      Redoing? What is that? If you mean setting up the RAID that is usually a 10 to at most 30 minute task. It’s the data restore that I found takes time which varies with size and what the backups were on.

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        Older and Not Much Bolder

        by vertigo262 ·

        In reply to It’s been a few decades

        Well, I’m old, and lazy! and since the LSI Dell Perc’s were made to import the the Broadcom LSI Megaraids. Same cards, different companies dofferent models. It would be nice to not have to find 40tb usb drives to back up to. Then restore.

        While the configuration takes about 1 minute of time. The data backup and transfer is a whole different issue.

        So would be nice to the get LSI Raid controller to import the foriegn config from the Dell Lsi card like it’s supposed to. Usually it’s something simple like clearing the cache’s on the cards or something

        other then that, a reconfigure is pretty simple. And would be nice to just switch it out. Because I’m older now, and not much bolder! :)=

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          Why it’s like that.

          by rproffitt ·

          In reply to Older and Not Much Bolder

          Outside of mirrored drives there’s not much standardized about data organization on the drive for RAID. I’ve even seen failures when it’s the exact same make, model and firmware based controller. However in that case I suspect the real failure was a corrupted drive set. Never got far with that one since they had picked up the old card to send in under warranty. My bet is they had a RAID failure and were hoping a card would fix their RAID.

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          Raid never failed

          by vertigo262 ·

          In reply to Why it’s like that.

          There was never any raid failure. Just an upgrade to a newer product for compatibility

          Which will probably upset my obsessed 45 yr worldwide anonymous hate groups working with my family and brother! 🙂

          But, truthfully as per this thread, the ideal way would be to redo the entire raid config from scratch on the other card.

          Although I have read of several people switching out the LSI Perc’s to Mainstream LSI cards. I’ve just never tried it until now

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