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Migrating From Novell To Windows 2003

By manycaps ·
Hello All,
Yes, we're still using netware 5.0 ! !
Does anyone know of somebody that has
done this migration or are planning to?

Thanks in advance

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The other way perhaps

by Oz_Media In reply to Migrating From Novell To ...

I have never helped a business remove Novell and revert to a MS headache before. I have been practically begged by those that were told to do this to help them revert BACK to Novell though after they got rid of the MCSE that talked them into it.

With NOvell Linux and Netware 7, why would ANY company possibly benefit from Microsoft? Did they hire a bunch of excess tachs and simply don't want to fire them so by reverting to MS they will keep them all busy?

Why sell the Ferrari for a Dodge Intrepid?

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Agreed. Migration is in the wrong direction.

by stress junkie In reply to The other way perhaps

Before I had read Oz-media's post I had thought that
the proposal was like moving from a Rolls Royce to a
Plymouth Neon. Obviously it's the same idea.

Why place your business in the sights of millions of
sociopathic hackers? You are currently not their main
target. That's like a deer seeing a truck coming down
the road and running out in front of it. It happens, but
it doesn't make sense.

Other operating systems may have as many security
vulnerabilities as the Microsnot software but the
hackers choose to attack Windows because of the size
of their target. Hackers want to do the most damage
for their time and effort and Windows presents the
largest target.

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Novell To Windows 2003

by rr-travis In reply to Migrating From Novell To ...

Although I tend to agree with the previous post I have done this migration before. Feel free to ask away.

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Your Nuts - Stay with Novell

by JimHM In reply to Migrating From Novell To ...

Your Nuts - Stay with Novell 100% better network, application and file sharing product than MS trash.

I wouldn't make the move - I would upgrade my Novell - cheaper - better - Faster...

You'll hate all the patches and fixes - and BS you'll have to do to keep Microtrash save and secure...

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Don't Jump Ship

by coldbrew In reply to Your Nuts - Stay with Nov ...

I was faced with a decision to upgrade a 5.0 server to Netware 6 or to go with Windows 2000 Server. We had to upgrade our accounting software and I had a saleman hard pressed to trash Novell and pump MS packages down my throat. All the problems he said I'd have never happend. I was raised on Novell and am familiar with it. The pricing was right and I got email, firewall, server OS, and ZenWorks for a nice price. The bank where I used to work switched to Microsoft 2003 server and totally abandoned their Novell server platform instead of upgrading. An organizational wide upgrade that was suppoed to take a year has now gone into it's third year...and the madness has not stopped. I think Novell is the better product b/c of the little amount of maintnance and hardware resources needed for it to run. We had a server run for over a year before we rebooted it. Try that with a Windows box.

Good luck...

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windows server 2003

by manycaps In reply to Migrating From Novell To ...

Everyones responses is just unbelievable!!
I appreciate all the responses even though
everyone is against this migration....

I don't know what to say but is it that bad
of a move even with windows server 2003 being out in the market for about 1.5 years?

Thanks Guys

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Business reasons to stay on Novell?

by Jim_MacLachlan In reply to windows server 2003

I've been told that we're moving to Microsoft as our NOS, as well. We had a consultant in & they have said that Novell is a liability to our company because it is losing market share, doesn't have the support of the vendors & that MS 2003 server is as secure.

I don't know about the last, but I do know it has become more & more of a fight to get Novell to work with various applications & we will have to have at least some MS servers for applications. Does it make sense to go through the hassle & cost of having double user licenses, NOS support & to keep the two working together?

Also, I've found that Netware 6.5 hasn't been as stable as Netware 5.1 in my environment. I've had memory issues & other general flakiness that I always associated with MS servers. I've been a diehard Novell fan for a long time (I started on 3.12) but between proprietary apps & other business pressures, we'll probably move off in another year.

I agree with all the comments about security & the target painted on any MS client or server. I'm going to have to deal with that. I'm also going to really miss Salvage, which has saved us more than once. I'd appreciate any business reasons to stay on Novell that you all have.


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'We Had to Destroy the Village to Save It'

by Old#9 In reply to Business reasons to stay ...

You raise some interesting points. As far as licensing is concerned, you already purchased the Novell licenses, why throw them out? eDirectory runs on Windows, why go to an inferior directory? Application support is an issue, but Novell?s move to Linux should alleviate that problem, at a lower cost. Could running non Novell certified apps be the cause of your "memory issues & other general flakiness"?

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We made the move too

by John G. Snyder In reply to 'We Had to Destroy the Vi ...

We moved from a 4.11 Netware server to a Windows 2003 server.
Getting the data over was easy, Xcopy did the trick and quickly.

You can still use the 'salvage' feature, only it's called Shadow File Restore. It works like a damned charm.

I've heard netware 6.x is seriously wonky. I loved our Netware servers, they were work horses, but it's true, very few apps are being supported on a Netware environment. Plus, Novell is moving into the Linux world.

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eDirectory and Linux a better solution

by aowen In reply to 'We Had to Destroy the Vi ...

I have worked with MS, Novell and Linux; Linux by far is the best OS on the market. I am currently migrating all our infrastructure servers to Linux using the eDirectory to replace Active directory; both of which Novell is developing and supporting as well as many other companies are supporting Linux as well. Linux is a viable solution for corporate networks to get off of the MS addiction and to finally be on a truly open platform with very few boundaries.

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