Migrating from Windows 2000 server to Windows 2003 can't be this hard!!??

By dioge99 ·
I work in a small shop with ONE server. We are getting Rid of the very old box with Windows 2000 server on it. I had Novell on it before and put 2000 server enterprise on it (kind of overkill for a 30 something office). It file shares and hosts web pagess).

I have tried for a week now to get all of the microsoft utilities to work for's just crazy hard! We bought a new highend server from Dell with 2003 stanard server on it. I just want active directory and the files to transfer....why is there no full microsoft utility that does this??? I will buy one from a 3rd party if you know one is good.

I have read the web using google...Lots of artilcles and no one seems happy or has an easy time AND everyone has there own way to do this and it never seems easy! I tried with two test machines and attempted to get replications from a test 2000 server (desktop) to a 2003 (another test desktop) but it wouldn't replicate. I had joined the 2000 server domain as a child....the child could actually control the master domain controller but the older 2000 server couldn't control the child! What is that about! Lucky this was a test of one method! I did all the adprep stuff too on the 2000 server! THEN when I decided to backout the 2003 server! it wouldn't CDpromo backdown to a standalone! NO WHERE does microsoft discusse a FORCE DCpromo option but it's a command!!! that works!!! took me googling and three hours to fiind it!!!!
Anyway, I just want ONE server...the test with the desktops running servers didn't work and I can't afford to screw up the production server.

What is the best step by step way to do this? Microsoft kills me with it's little Active directory copying tool that would also not work for me! It's a tiny tool that promises very little....I expect more from microsoft....

Can anyone help me? I really need a total step by step on this...not a referrral to a bunch of microsoft articles becuase microsoft never tells you everything! PLEASE help!

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I've used ADMT. Works like a champ

by CG IT In reply to Migrating from Windows 20 ...

W2K and W2003 have different schemas so you have to prep em but if all your going to do is move user accounts and files over ADMT ought to have worked well.

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by tompaul007 In reply to I've used ADMT. Works lik ...

I did the adprep...thought I mentioned that...
But what step do I need to take? make it part of the domain? What?

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migration from 2000 server to 2003 server

by maurya_snil In reply to I've used ADMT. Works lik ...

we have 2 win 2k server domain controllers & we want to upgrade to win 2k3 server.
I have 2 options:
1)Buy a new 2003 server & then migrate all the data of old DC(including Active directory,security permissions etc.) to new win 2k3 server DC.
2)Upgrade the existing 2k domain controllers to win 2k3 domain controller.
Pls guide me in detail about both the methods.Its very urgent for me.
If possible pls send me any PDF,link or other document to my I


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Migrating from Windows 2000 server to Windows 2003

by maurya_snil In reply to Migrating from Windows 20 ...

I also have got the same problem.Pls guide me if you have got the solution.

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